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The Global Settings in your FanBridge account are a great way not only to establish your branding throughout your email marketing, but also to save you time on the basic design elements of all of your emails!  Set it up once, and you never have to deal with it again!  From your banner image to typefaces and colors that match your style, the Global Settings will make it a breeze to get the design out of the way so you can spend more time focusing on your messaging and content.


Not only do these settings appear every time you start a new blank campaign in the Template Tool, they also appear in all of your automated emails.  This means that your subscribers are getting familiar with your brand as soon as they receive their confirmation email!  This also includes Fan Question answered emails, event reminders, and birthday emails.



Watch the video below to learn how to set your global settings, but first, here’s a few design tips:

    • Your banner image is a great way to build your brand image and consistency with subscribers.  Make it clean and recognizable, and make sure it’s around 600px wide.


    •  Stick to a maximum of about 3-4 colors throughout your email campaign.  This keeps a cohesive style throughout the campaign, and it doesn’t distract the reader too much.


    •  Make sure you choose a font type and color that is easily read.  Bright yellow font on a white background, for example, does not work so well.



    Customize your global settings!