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There are online communities catered to bringing any kinds of people together: cat lovers, salad-loving singles, you name it! But what about a place for YouTube channel owners to connect? We’re excited to announce that exact place in Channel Pages, a new resource for YouTube channels brought to you by FanBridge.

Channel Pages gives every YouTube channel the ability to find (and be found by) collaboration partners for growth from cross-pollinating viewing audiences, while also enabling businesses and brands to directly connect with channels to explore native in-video sponsorship opportunities beyond pre-roll advertising and banners.

Collaborations are a great way for two channels to cross-promote each other. For YouTubers with similar demographics, it’s a great way for each channel to leverage its own viewers into subscribers of the other channel; a sort of video creator symbiosis.

When you talk with anyone in the YouTube ecosystem, collaborations (“collabs”) between channels are the single best way for a channel to gain exposure and grow on the platform. Unfortunately, until Channel Pages, there was no good way to search for other channels like yourself, and then easily reach out to them to start a collaboration. The search on YouTube is keyword based and is built for end users, it doesn’t allow for searching valuable advanced criteria such as audience demographics or channel statistics that have been hidden until now.

As for sponsorships, Channel Pages makes it easy for businesses and brands to find the most relevant channels with which to pair up. These sponsorships can be anything – from a product shout-out in a video to something more integrated. The relationship can lead to any final product.



And being a part of this community couldn’t be easier. Simply go to and select the Get Listed Now! button. Using a YouTube auth, a profile is automatically assembled using the key statistics of your channel that potential collaborators and sponsors care about most.

 Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 5.35.24 PM

So don’t miss out! Claim your profile today! 


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