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2011 has already been an exciting year for FanBridge. A few weeks ago we announced our Series A funding and an acquisition of damntheradio, both very exciting moments for our company. Today we are announcing that we have crossed 100 MILLION fans under management, and are simultaneously launching the first phase of the FanBridge API.

100 Million Fans

There aren’t too many other places on the web that have 100 million fans in one place (the 100m is email based fans and doesn’t include social network relationships), and it makes us incredibly proud to be entrusted with helping our clients make each of these fan relationships more valuable.  There are a lot of companies who can help add value to these 100m relationships in different ways, and we are launching the FanBridge API (and partner ecosystem) to help facilitate this on a large scale.

In this first phase, the FanBridge API will enable partners to do a couple key things: help acquire fans for our clients, as well as give our shared clients an easy way to create and send campaigns (email and social) from within a partner’s website.

FanBridge API

Here’s why we feel each of these things will add value to those around us:

Acquiring more fans

Every influencer we work with wants more fans. Not just more friends/fans/followers/likes on the social networks, but actual fan emails on their FanBridge email list. One of the main ways we’ve helped our clients acquire this fan contact info was to provide code for embeddable signup forms that could be placed on their own website as well as various social network profiles. These fan signup forms have been very helpful, but they could only really be put on places the influencer controlled (like their own social network profiles).  Now, with the FanBridge API, any partner can allow influencers to link their FanBridge account with the partner site, and any fan info collected on the partner site can easily be passed straight into the influencer’s FanBridge account.  No longer should someone have a separate ‘fan list’ at each of a large number of sites on the web.  With this API, all those fan collection points can now feed the fan info straight into the same place: the influencer’s FanBridge account.

Creating campaigns and driving fan traffic (via the partner ecosystem)

There are a huge number of websites that are doing really cool things for influencers.  Whether it is a company aiming to offer the next best music store, ticket provider, merch creator, virtual goods seller, location based game, or something else, all of these companies build really interesting technology, but then struggle to gain adoption with influencers, as well as scale on the fan (consumer) side.  This API is opening the door to a partner ecosystem, where we will enable all of these companies to help our built-in influencers (such as an artist) engage and monetize their fanbases, while simultaneously enabling the companies to reach large audiences of potential users.

Here’s how this has worked until today:
Let’s say an artist signs up with a cool, up and coming online company that enables musicians to create interesting video game experiences involving their music.  The artist will go through the process of uploading their music and setting everything up, and once they are done, the website will essentially say “Here’s the URL to your custom game. Please tell your fans to come play.”  The likelihood of the artist then promoting the game to their fans in an effective way is not very strong, and most likely nothing significant happens.

Here’s how this will work with the FanBridge API:
Once the artist signs up and creates their game, they will link their FanBridge account with the partner website (very similar to how facebook and twitter let you connect your account to partner sites).  Once that link is created, from within the partner site, the artist can create a campaign (email or social) announcing the video game (if it is an email campaign, most likely with a pre-made, great looking template provided by the partner), and can then target, schedule, and send the message to their FanBridge fan list from within the partner’s website.  Since the partner is providing the message template, they can guarantee that it contains a strong call-to-action as well as compelling context and messaging.  The artist can still customize it, but there is a very strong base to work from.  Email is one of the most effective marketing channels available, and this API will enable partners to utilize the FanBridge messaging channels as well as leverage the built-in influencer (the artist).  The partner wins via more fan traffic being driven to their destination , and the artist wins by providing their fans with more engaging experiences as well as increased revenue potential from the partner.

We will continue to build out the functionality of the API as we receive feedback from partners and clients, and we are very excited by the possibilities this creates for our partners, our shared clients, and their fans.

Potential partners can learn more about the API and apply for access by visiting

- Team FanBridge

ps. If you believe in what we are building and want to join our team, please see our open positions ( today


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