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Fan Questions make your fans happy by providing them with a fun direct channel of communication. But can they actually grow your fan list? Well, Team FanBridge doesn’t settle for one-trick pony features. Fan Questions were designed to increase your fan list sign-ups as well. Don’t believe me?

Check out this statistic: Over 70% of potential fans end up joining an artist’s fan list after asking a question.

How did we create such a magical little system?

Besides a few spells and potions, we set up a prompt system. Fans ask a question and are immediately prompted to join your fan list. Plenty of fans might fall into that “long time listener, first time caller” category, though, and prefer to read answers rather than ask their own questions. That’s why there’s also a well-placed “Join the List” button on your Fan Questions page, so even if a potential fan isn’t ready to ask something yet, they immediately see an option to stay engaged and connected.

In the screenshot above, you can see that the prompt also allows fans to share their questions with friends on Facebook and Twitter. It isn’t only questions that can be shared, though. Each answer you post has its own retweet and share function. If you have a really great question or a witty answer your fans can share it with their friends. Those friends come over to your Fan Questions page, ask their own question, and sign up for the list. Voila! New fans. You’re welcome!

Have you noticed positive results thanks to the use of Fan Questions? Share your experience with us to have the chance to get featured in one of our case studies!

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