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Back in the 90′s, I wrote a letter to a certain musical group (that will go unnamed to protect my integrity and overall image of awesomeness). I don’t really remember what this letter said, as I was probably 9 at the time, but the point is that I really wanted to communicate with musicians I liked. This hasn’t changed. I used to get positively giddy when a band member would mystically appear on a fan message board, and I was pretty psyched last year when I made small talk with a favorite frontman before opening for him.

What am I doing, besides establishing my music geekdom? I’m proving that fans have always wanted to talk to musicians. Remember those “Send Fan Mail” PO Box addresses on record sleeves? I haven’t seen one of those in awhile. Fans are expected to rely on social media to communicate, but how often do we see artists replying to every tweet? And to my fellow musicians – you know you’re missing/skipping/forgetting at least some messages.

That’s why we have Fan Questions!

Fan Questions allows your fans to ask you anything they’d like, anonymously or not. You receive the question and can choose whether or not you’d like to answer it. The answers stay on your Fan Questions page so other fans can see if you’ve already answered what they were planning on asking. Answers can easily be shared on Facebook and retweeted. Anyone asking a Fan Question will be prompted to join your fan list, too (more on this in Part II).

It’s easy to tell your fans about Fan Questions. Go to the Labs page and add a badge to your website or Myspace profile.

You can also set up a reccurring auto-prompt to post on Facebook and Twitter asking your fans for new questions. There are even automatic campaigns for Fan Questions. These are great because they won’t use up any of your messages. They’re totally free. Access auto-campaigns on the bottom of the homepage after logging in.

Your fans will also have the chance to make inquiries to you when visiting your Fan Action Page where they will find a link to Fan Questions.


Fan Questions won’t disappear into the mystical internet land of lost messages, so if you don’t have an answer for a question now or just don’t feel like responding you’ll be able to go back to the question at a later date without extensive searches. So, tell all your fans that you’re now taking questions – they’ve got plenty to ask you about.

Also, I totally did not write to the Spice Girls. Or Hanson. Nope. Not me.

Have you noticed positive results thanks to the use of Fan Questions? Share your experience with us to have the chance to get featured in one of our case studies!

Stay tuned for Part II of “Fan Questions”… we’re just getting started!!


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