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Fan Collector App v3


We’ve talked a lot about email best practices when on tour or in-person with fans. And our number one suggestion just got a whole lot better with the latest version of the Fan Collector App.
The Fan Collector App is back for iOS devices with a new look and – more importantly – more functionality that came directly from your feedback. These changes include:

-Being able to have a custom message at the top of the app
-Choose what data is collected
-Customize the order of the fields
-Customize the look between a dark or light theme


Fan Collector App 1 Fan Collector App 2  Fan Collector App 3 Fan Collector App 4


But what hasn’t changed is the app is a great way to collect subscriber’s email addresses as well as other relevant information from your phone or tablet.

If you already have the v2 of the app on your mobile device, simply down the updates from the list of current apps you have.

Or you can download it new from here.

  • sadie hart music

    YES!!! I LOVE getting emails from fans at shows and this app was super helpful…until it wasn’t…thanks so much for making a much-needed update!!

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