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Two questions:
1) How many different sites do you have to update with your events? 
2) How many times have you forgotten one of these many sites, only to hear from fans that they didn’t know about your events because the site they checked was the one you forgot to update?

Managing your events calendars can be tricky, but the new FanBridge Events Widget makes it easier. If you already use our events calendar, you know that it’s easily embeddable in your email campaigns, Fan Action Page, and Facebook Fan Page. With the new widget, you can include events on your website, blog, or any customizable HTML page.

Events Widget Preview with Map

Add your dates manually, or make your life even easier with Songkick and ArtistData integration. The widget automatically updates, so once your events are synced and entered, all of your pages will be updated, too. Plus, we’ve included a Facebook share button so your fans can tell all of their friends about your events. Enjoy all of the usual FanBridge customizations like different color schemes and customizable sizing so that your widget fits the style of your pages.

Events Widget with Map

Want to make it easier to manage your events? Add a FanBridge Events Widget to your page. Not using FanBridge? Learn more!

  • blueskiwi

    it’s not clear… when FanBridge publishes events to my Facebook Page – are they as native Facebook events, or events are just published to the FanBridge app within my Facebook page?

  • Nash

    Do you still support Bandsintown events too? I don’t see their name mentioned but they are the tour dates tool most artists use. 

  • FanBridge

    Bandsintown is part of our partner ecosystem on Facebook. We still support the dedicated Bandsintown module for Facebook Fan Pages, but Bandsintown data is not a part of this widget.

  • FanBridge

    These are events that publish to your FanBridge Facebook Fan Page events module. They do not generate actual Facebook events. 

  • SocialSoundSystem

    You should integrate BandsInTown with this new tool… The majority of artists use it to power their facebook events and syndicate across their sites/blogs. Songkick doesn’t have the artist controls over our own events that BIT does. ArtistData’s API calls are too slow and clunky.

  • FanBridge

    Thanks for the feedback! You should share the suggestion in our Feature Request forum so other users can vote for it if they’d also like to see the integration.

  • louieo

    Any plans to make this work with GigPress? A lot of people use it on their wordpress blogs.

  • FanBridge

    This is the first time we’ve gotten this request, so there aren’t plans right now. Share it in our Feature Request forum to see if there are other FBers looking for the integration.

  • Anonymous

    After embedding the code the widget will only show up after the page is refreshed. How can this be fixed?

  • Sangers

     would love it if you could make a smaller version, about 280pix wide!

  • TKG

    Why doesn’t the Songkick widget work in the body of the email when I add the code to my emails HTML? I see it in the preview but when its sent doesn’t show up in the email.

  • Remdog

    this will be helpful! great feedback.

  • Tim Lee

    I’d like to be able to group shows by location. Like this

    San Jose Dec 10th
    Minneapolis Jan 9th-11th
    Chapel Hill Jan 17th
    San Francisco Jan 20th-21st
    Somerville Jan 23rd -25th
    Washington D.C. Jan 30th – Feb 1st
    Philadelphia Feb 6th
    Kirkland Feb 7th

    Any way we can do this with this app?

  • Marlee smicer

    Thanks for sharing with us.

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