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A brand new year is a brand new opportunity to provide effective content for your fans, build loyalty & increase engagement. But as email marketing technology evolves, so must your tactics. To help make the best of this opportunity, we’re highlighting some popular email trends that are bound to make waves in 2018.


Robust Fan Data

One trend that we believe creators will continue to focus on in their marketing is the push for deep fan data collection. As fan analytics continue to advance, soon collecting such robust data will be a breeze (should fans opt into sharing it). But for now, a personal connection can go a long way. Here’s a few ideas for collecting data while engaging fans:

  • Create a fun quiz or survey to collect info
  • Create custom public groups to transform your Fan Action Page into an email preference center that lets fans decide what content they receive from you & when
  • Request birth date info in exchange for a fun birthday offer
  • Analyze transactional data from your web store to determine what content fans should receive



Automation stands to make quite the evolutionary push in 2018 as smarter, more personalized marketing experiences are created. Automation can allow you to provide 24/7 content and support for fans of any demographic, all while freeing up more time to analyze and improve your strategy. And when done right, you can simply set and forget ultra-targeted content for established and incoming fans.


But while automation has proven its value, some potential setbacks have marketers wary to adopt it into their strategy. Robust automation services can be rather costly and when used improperly, they can create embarrassing situations that can alienate subscribers.



We’ve stressed the importance of list segmentation in the past and we’re still heaping the praise in 2018. When you put the valuable data gained from sending campaigns to use, you gain a better understanding of your fans and what content drives engagements/conversions. With this data, it’s possible to create detailed groups of your subscribers to provide better targeted campaigns and increase engagement. In fact, one study from Lyris showed that list segmentation:


  • Increased open rates by 39%
  • Decreased unsubscriptions by 28%
  • Improved deliverability by 24%

When coupled with an automation strategy, proper segmentation can help transform your marketing into a well-oiled, intelligent targeting machine.

The tools necessary to provide effective content and engage fans are improving every day. Now that you’ve a better idea of what’s revolutionizing email marketing this year, get started on evolving your strategy today!


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