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What we love about the Template Tool, is how it can easily pull up your audio tracks, videos, and events right at your fingertips. But we think there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. So we added more videos, more content, and more options for creating and customizing a newsletter that you can’t wait to send. Check out the full breakdown of what is new to the Template Tool!


One of the biggest overhauls of a module was to the Buttons module. First, we added more options for customizing the look of a button with the option to change the button width, radius, and adding a border color and thickness. All of these options makes for endless design possibilities.


Outside of the look, we made it easier than ever to add commonly used URLs to your buttons. Choose the “premade link” checkbox to see quick add options for tags like Update Information, Unsubscribe, and Forward Email; links to download files (mp3s, pdfs, etc.) hosted on your FanBridge account; or mailto links with the option of presetting a subject line and message.

Button Styles


Vimeo and Kickstarter Videos

Want to share a video in your campaign that isn’t on YouTube? FanBridge now supports a quick video insert for Vimeo and Kickstarter as well. The best part is that each thumbnail will be generated with it’s platform specific play button so there’s no doubt where each video is pointing to.



Instagram and GIPHY Images

Now, more than just the images you upload from your desktop, you can make a quick insert of any Instagram image from your synced account, or keep things moving with a GIPHY plugin that inserts images from a GIPHY search into your campaign.




Image Resizing

A banner image in your campaign will always be resized to be 100% of the container it’s in, but if you have a Single Image you want to resize, you’ll have that option as well. Resize images that might be too large when first loaded so that your campaign has a good balance of images and text.



Divider Line

Want to create a separation between sections of your campaign? Use the module settings of a Content Divider module to pick the color and the style of the divider line.



More Fonts

Finally, we’ve added seven more font options to use as headlines, paragraphs, and text in your button modules: Arial Black, Avenir, Calibri, Geneva, Monaco, Palatino, Palatino Linotype. With more font options, make your words stand out with style.


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