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Six months ago, I was asked to manage the creation of a set of 30 custom email templates to be built into the FanBridge platform. Just last week, we released 10 of the scheduled 30 templates that were built. They look fantastic. FanBridge powers over 150m fan relationships in email alone and our goal is to make sure that every client has a beautiful, engaging email campaign. But, with our diverse client base, careful thought and consideration had to go into these templates to make sure we hit three goals:

The new email templates are robust.

It’s easier to create an email when you have all of the included information at hand. It’s a matter of designing around the content and making it look pretty. When no predefined content is available, one has to consider how the email will look in a variety of situations. Some of our clients enjoy sending emails with numerous paragraphs of text and others are more concise, sending out an image with a simple caption. These new email templates are flexible in that they account for both of these use cases and many more in between.


Email Template


Email templates cater to a wide variety of users.

FanBridge powers email across a diverse set of clients ranging from high profile sports figures to small business owners and niche indie bands. Creating a different template for every possible type of user was out of the question, so I tackled the problem in a different way. I created templates with different personalities, almost like choosing a character in a video game. Each template carries a distinct personality, but is flexible enough to be used by a number of different users, be it a face-melting rockstar or an aspiring author (who might also play a mean bass).

So go ahead, choose your character.


Email Templates


These email templates look good.

These templates are by no means generic. I take pride in my own work and didn’t give approval on a template unless it looked fantastic. Each of the templates are painstakingly crafted down to the pixel and look just as good, if not better than some of the other major competitors in email right now.

Check out the templates here and let us know what you think in comments, or go straight to your Campaigns tab to get started.


Email Templates


I can’t take all of the credit for these templates, nor will I. There were some great designs put out by the creative team that are both live and soon to be implemented in the coming months. Front end support was huge on this project and the two developers working on these templates were building faster than I could even design. Back end engineers did a tremendous job integrating the templates into the existing platform and making sure everything worked the way it should.

Big thanks to everyone involved in this project and be proud knowing that we put out a great product!
  • Scott Curts

    I like the new templates.  Great job.  I’m just missing the old editor in the Standard Html templates.  I like using the Social icons.  

  • FanBridge

    Thanks, Scott! This is just the beginning of our new Template Tool and we definitely appreciate the feedback on what should be added and changed.

  • DC Cardwell

    I love the new templates and have experimented with most of them. I guess there are a couple of things I’d like to suggest:

    1) It would be nice if you could change the colors of the backgrounds and the whatchamacallits – the places where the titles are. I’d like to be able to make it match my logo or album cover or whatever I’m promoting right now. I like the idea of having the same template for each newsletter but with a different color to match whatever images I’m using. (Perhaps you can change the, but I can’t figure out how!)

    2) On some of the templates, e.g. Catnip, you can insert an image right under the title but you can’t link a URL to it. I think it would be good to make that possible.

    3) I’d like to see greater customizability of the right-side (or left-side) column, so that you can easily add more sections similar looking to the Share and Unsubscribe sections.

    Anyway, just a few thoughts, and I look forward to seeing how these templates develop. They’re much better than the old “classic” ones which had a very old-fashioned look.

  • FanBridge

    Great feedback! Think you could copy/paste and share in our user community so other FBers can vote up your suggestions if they’d like to see them, too?

    The email template announcement is here: