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This is a guest post from Kat Popiel at IndieGoGo. IndieGoGo is one of our partner modules for FanBridge Facebook Fan Pages. Add the IndieGoGo module to your page and start fan funding your next project directly from Facebook.

For many projects, the major bottleneck in reaching a goal is getting funding.  This is no longer the case!   We created IndieGoGo to overcome this hurdle and provide anyone in the world the opportunity to raise money, fast. That’s right, with one simple click, we have designed a simple solution – create a campaign to launch your project, equipping you with tools and strategies to make it happen.  Our partnership with FanBridge means our campaigners can integrate the FanBridge application to amplify their crowdfunding efforts and increase fundraising!

Since 2008, we have launched over 50,000 campaigns in all 200 countries across the world.  If you are passionate about an idea – creative, cause related, or entrepreneurial – you can use IndieGoGo. We are inclusive, meaning we don’t have gatekeepers deciding who can or cannot use our website.  Instead, we focus everyday on improving our platform to make crowdfunding a productive experience – including the use of tools such as FanBridge!  We also have the GoGoFactor, an algorithm that tracks your level of campaigning activity.  The higher your GoGoFactor, the more likely you are to be featured you on our homepage, or on social media and in the press.

With 24 verticals in the areas of Creative, Cause, and Entrepreneurial projects, the IndieGoGo community gathers everyday to witness new ideas come to life. So what can you crowdfund for?  We had a couple who raised to afford IVF treatment and are now expecting their first baby; a young teenager produced her first film, which now has national distribution; technology wizards designed accessories for the iPhone now headed to market and a pair of organic food entrepreneurs needed to re-brand to expand their business.

FanBridge integrations have been incredible for campaigns such as The Bob Moog Foundation, Jimkata and Peace is the Way.  With a majority of large percent of contributions for IndieGoGo campaigns coming via Facebook, FanBridge enhances your already existing fanbase to get your closer to your financial goal.

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  • Mary Jane Gilson

    This is really good information.  We are doing an animated, full length, film project, which is an original story, ”The  Legends of Alice Pendragon”, and putting it up on Indiegogo late today. I wish we had read this info a month ago.  There is just so much to know in getting this kind of thing ready for the reveal. 
    Crowd funding is a wonderful way to get people aware of what you are doing and to create or expand a fan base.  We are really enjoying the process and we hope that those who choose to be part of our project will have as much fun being part of it as we are having doing it.  If you are looking at going through the crowd funding process, here is a tip.  Reseach, gather info and then research again before trying to put it all in place.  Blogs like this one are worth their weight in gold.

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