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One of our favorite things about Tumblr is how easily it syncs with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Yet, these posts can easily get lost in the feed. Only 16% of Facebook fans actually see content from pages. Plus, content that doesn’t receive much engagement on Facebook is even less likely to show up. Fans could be engaging on Tumblr but not Liking or commenting on those newsfeed updates. Email is the reliable way to deliver more in-depth or complex information to fans in a reliable way. To make it easier to get this content into fan inboxes, we’ve integrated the content into Social Digest to create emails automatically from Tumblr.

Sync Accounts

Getting started is easy. You’ll login to or signup for a FanBridge account and click on the Social Digest tab. Turn the ON/OFF slider to ON and enable your digest. You’ll see a box with different accounts you can add to the digest. While adding more content sources will improve your digest overall, we’re just going to focus on Tumblr right now. Click to add and follow the steps in the popup window. If you’re already logged in, you’ll just need to click “Allow.”


That’s it! If you already use Tumblr, all of your email content will be created already. We provide the (rather sleek, if we do say so ourselves) layout and generate the email either weekly or biweekly, depending on your preference. You’ll also have the option to insert a custom message to your fans. Check your send date at the top and just sit back and wait while Social Digest creates your email automatically from Tumblr. A preview will be delivered to your inbox 24 hours before the digest goes out to your fans.

Social Digest Time

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  • Denise

    Can we attach photos to the social digest? Other than the campaigs, where can we post pics with fanbridge?

  • FanBridge

    Social Digest autopopulates from other existing content. Can you futher explain where you’d like to post pictures?

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