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We recently announced the release of Video Answers for Fan Questions, the first YouTube-related project to emerge from an internal hackathon held a few weeks back.  Now, we’re please to announce the release of the second project (and winner of the hackathon): Video Gating!

Email continues to hold its spot as the number one way to directly communicate with fans.  Currently, YouTube does not offer an easy way to collect email addresses from viewers of your videos. So once fans view a video, how can you stay in touch with them to tell them about new videos you post and other news?

Video Gating will help you to leverage your video content to collect email addresses from your viewers and subscribers so you can build a direct relationship and keep fans in the loop about new videos and other exciting news. 

With this feature, you can now create a customizable widget for your website and choose how much of the video fans get to watch before being prompted to join your list to continue watching.  This is available to anyone on a FanBridge Premium Plan, and is incredibly easy to setup and embed on your site.

Here’s how to get started:

Once you are logged in to your FanBridge account, head over to the Widgets Tab and select Videos.

You’ll have a couple options when it comes to choosing a video to gate.  If you’ve already connected your YouTube account with FanBridge via Social Digest, a list of your most recent videos should be displayed automatically.  If you haven’t synced your YouTube account with FanBridge or no videos are displayed, you can enter the URL for the video manually.  Note: be sure to enter the full URL of the YouTube video, not the shortened share URL.

Don’t forget to “Save & Continue”

Once you’ve selected the video you’d like to gate, click on “Set up gating”.  Here you will be able to select the exact time during the video that the viewer is prompted to enter his or her email address in order to continue watching.

Now comes the fun stuff!

Select your widget size, color theme, and border color.

Once you’ve done this, you can scroll down to view a live preview of your widget.  Make sure to test it out.  You’ll see that at the set time the video will stop and prompt the fan to enter an email address to continue watching.  When you’re happy with the widget appearance and its settings, click the “Get Embed Code” to copy the widget code.  If you’re familiar with adding code to your site, simply paste the widget code in the desired location and you’re good to go.  If someone else handles your website, paste the widget code into a text document (such as TextEdit on a Mac or NotePad on a PC) and send it to your web developer to add.  If you don’t have a personal site to host the widget on, we also give you a direct link to a hosted page for the widget so you can just send fans right to that link.  See how simple it is?

We’ve also added Video Gating to Social-NET campaigns so you can easily promote your new video content across your other social networks.


To learn more about the importance of gaining email subscriptions through YouTube, download our free ebook 3 Keys to Audience Success.