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Have a YouTube channel? Listen up!

Are you looking to collect emails from people who view your videos on YouTube? (9 out of 10 smart people say “yes!”)   Most video creators like the idea of having a prompt to join their fan list as a part of their videos but you don’t want to go and add extra frames to each one, since this can be a big hassle with a lot of videos.  Well, don’t sweat it! We have awesome news: YouTube just introduced intros and outros for video playlists. Instead of editing each of your videos, you can now easily insert short webcam clips or text-and-audio pieces in-between each video in the playlist.

Try adding a 5-10 second introduction (or interstitial) prompting viewers to join your fan list on your Fan Action Page. Or, record a personal outro thanking fans for watching the playlist and suggesting they signup for your fan list for updates on when you have new videos.

Adding a YouTube introduction is easy. Open your video manager and click playlists on the sidebar. Then, hover over the video that needs the intro/outro. An “Introduction” button will appear.

youtube playlist introduction

Choose whether you’d like to add a webcam or text-and-audio clip. Text can only be two lines, so keep it short and direct, like in our example:

email signup on youtube

Have you added an introduction to any of your YouTube playlists? Share your channel with us in comments!

  • Alex Douglas

    Does that mean each individual video in that playlist will have the intro and outro or just when you play the whole playlist?

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