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Growing your list is no easy task, especially when you’re building from scratch. If it were as easy as setting and forgetting a signup form on a website, we’d all be rich with subscribers. But for those of us in the real world, it takes a bit of savvy and experimentation to find the best way to build your fan base. Here’s a few strategies you can try out to collect more subscribers:


1. Collect Subscribers from Forwards

Once someone’s already subscribed to your list, there’s no reason they should ever see a call to subscribe again, right? Not exactly. There’s one factor that many people overlook when communicating with a mailing list: email forwarding. When your fans forward your email to their friends, family & colleagues, they’re creating a perfect opportunity for you to gain more subscribers. Encourage subscribers to share your content with friends/family & try including a call-to-action in your campaigns to collect subscriptions from email forwards.


2. Paid Social

After recent algorithmic changes on social platforms, paid social has established itself as a foolproof strategy that guarantees an audience for your content. Why not take advantage of this and put a couple dollars behind a social post that gets your email content in front of fans that aren’t subscribed to your list? In doing so, you’re giving fans a glimpse of what they’re missing out on by not subscribing while driving them to join your list.


3. Quiz/Survey

Although building your list can be a bit of work, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun! Provide fans with a quick and funny quiz that requires an email address, geographic information and other valuable types of data in exchange for results. Not only can this net you a few extra signups, it also collects data you can use to better segment your list and personalize your content for fans.


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If you’re looking for another method that collects subscribers without sacrificing fun, try setting up a contest where fans can enter by subscribing to your list. While cash may seem like the obvious prize to provide, it’s better to offer something that appeals more specifically to your audience. Everyone could use a few extra bucks, so this may gain you fans that won’t engage with your content in the future. Instead, provide fans with the chance to win merch, a service, or even just a video chat!


Collecting fan emails doesn’t always have to be such a slow, boring slog. Try getting creative with how you collect emails to increase signups and impress fans!