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We’re excited to announce today that Channel Pages has reached 10,000+ channels and over 1 Billion views per month across all those channels.

In just six short months since it launched, Channel Pages has grown to the #1 opt-in marketplace for YouTube channels to find other channels for growth collaborations, as well as for advertisers to find channels for integrated sponsorships and branded content.

We even ate our own dog food and used Channel Pages ourselves to produce videos about collaborations and advertising.

Here are a couple other stats that excite us as we think about how much Channel Pages impacts the lives of video creators and advertisers every day:

  • Since we launched, over 700 advertisers have created an offer or reached out to a channel via Channel Pages (this includes many huge Fortune 500 brands and their agencies)
  • Over 300 new channel-to-channel collaboration offers are posted each week
  • Several independent professionals/agencies with brand relationships have sprung up to create a business on top of Channel Pages (combining their brand relationships with the sourcing ability of Channel Pages)

We’re working non-stop to make the experience even more valuable for everyone, and as with any marketplace, the more people that are using it, the more valuable it is for everyone please tell your friends! And if you are a brand looking to work with amazing video creators to get in front of their fan audiences, please post an offer : )

Thanks again for all your support,
Team FanBridge & Channel Pages


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