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It’s inescapable how beneficial collaborative projects on YouTube are for a channel’s growth, but with a crowded jungle of channels out there, where does one even start to make that collaboration happen?

Since its September 2013 launch, FanBridge’s Channel Pages has aimed to help YouTubers cut through the noise and find relevant channels to start such collaborations and help grow their audiences. And as Channel Pages grows, a need to neatly organize all these opportunities around these vastly talented creators led to Offers Hub. Offers Hub is a marketplace on Channel Pages where collaborative projects can be posted and applied to by all those in the network.

For YouTubers with a collaborative project in mind, Channel Pages has built out a marketplace where these opportunities can be posted for other channels to find. Simply fill out the details of your offer – from a simple Recommended Channels swap to creating original content together – and the details of whom your ideal collaborator is. Once you submit your offer, you’ll be listed in a hub with a network of thousands of other video creators.

Don’t have an idea for a YouTube collaboration? Offers Hub is also a great destination to find a collaboration partner and project. Simply log in to your profile and visit the hub to see all that’s available for you. And if you find something of interest, you are only one click away from applying.

And if you are a business looking to sponsor a YouTube channel, you can also post to the Offers Hub. Simply go to the Search page and select the Post an Offer button on the right. Continuing as a guest will allow you to post to the marketplace without needing a Channel Pages profile. As an advertiser, you can tap into the Channel Pages network of experienced video creators with established audiences that coincide with the market you are trying to reach.

All that’s needed to post and apply to Offers Hub is a Channel Pages profile, created by a single YouTube authorization. A profile is automatically configured out of your statistics, meaning all the important application requirements are completely verifiable by YouTube’s API.

Have an idea for a project or want to see what’s out there? Visit the Offers Hub today.

Don’t yet have a profile, set one up in just 2 minutes or less!


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