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March Madness: Social Growth Edition

Happy March Madness, FanBridgers! We think the most fun part of March Madness is the fans, so we’re doing a different kind of bracket for this tournament.

Who Gets Gold in the Brand Olympics?

Team FanBridge can’t get enough Olympics. We’ve been streaming them on the super spy screen during the day and discussing them whenever we’re taking a break from our FanBridge-ly duties. But, while it’s easy to discuss crushing swimming defeats or …

How Social Media Powered the MLB All-Star Game’s Final Vote

If you couldn’t tell by the 95-degree heat (at least here in NYC), summer has arrived and that means the summer classic, the MLB All-Star game, is here.

Since 2002, Major League Baseball has held a “Final Vote” for …

NBA Social Media Awards

The NBA Social Media Awards are tonight and while the show is planning to focus on the “most amazing plays, the most tweeted moments, and NBA content that blew up the digital stratosphere”, we’ve decided to take a …