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2017 Marketing Resolutions: Connect

2017 resolutions connect


We’ve covered ways to collect fans and build your audience before. But once you’ve gained all those fans, what’s next? Make connections! Reach out to these fans to establish a bond and ensure the support of your fanbase. We’ve …

Social Digest v3: More Customizable. More You.

In September of 2011, we launched the first version of the Social Digest. In July of 2012, v2 featured a new design. We’re excited to announce v3 of our Social Digest – where the look of the email …

Get Fans Sharing Your Content: Part Two

This is part two in Tyler’s series on designing Social Digest. Part one can be found here.

The first step I took was to reformat the message from influencer to fan, the first thing anyone would read.  I chose …

Combining Great Design with Great Content: Part One

We recently launched the theme configuration for Social Digest.   You can now choose between a light and dark theme and select a highlight color which matches your branding.  I thought this would be a great time to go into …

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