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Spring Cleaning: FanBridge Re-Organized Tabs

Happy March, FanBridgers! We thought it was about time for some spring cleaning. We’re making a lot of improvements, and you may have noticed a new one today! We’ve re-organized the main navigation tabs, and you might be wondering where all of the FanBridge tools & features moved.

Why are we so excited for SoundCloud in FanBridge emails?

FanBridge recently released a new integration with audio streaming service, SoundCloud, and we couldn’t be more excited that this feature in particular is available to all FanBridge clients. For years, the relationship between email and SoundCloud content has been wrought with workarounds, hacks, and mistakes. But now, we’ve finally built a better way!

Email Just Got Louder: FanBridge’s SoundCloud Integration Makes Sending Audio Easy

We hear you, FanBridgers, and now your audience will be able to hear you even louder than before! The much-requested SoundCloud integration has come to FanBridge. Using the FanBridge Template Tool, you can send an email-friendly SoundCloud audio player with just a few clicks!

Introducing Intelligent Targeting by FanBridge

We want you to be able to send well-crafted emails to whomever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want. This is where our new intelligent targeting system comes in.

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