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Holiday Sending Solutions

Holiday Sending Solutions (1)

Email was crucial for holiday marketing in 2015 and we predict it will be even bigger this year. We’ve seen firsthand how email marketing gets your message to the right people and is effective year round. That being said, …

INFOGRAPHIC: 2016 Social Marketing Trends

Another year has passed, and social media continues to grow leaps and bounds! We gathered some key information to help inform your social marketing decisions in the new year. What we found was that social media is increasingly visual and moving toward more in-app actions and seamless experiences. Check out the info below, and let us know in the comments what you see in store for 2016!

Campaign Checklist: What to do before you send your email campaign

Creating and sending an email campaign isn’t an easy, one-step process. There are a lot of little details that can be easily overlooked, and one little mistake could ruin your campaign effort! Here’s a checklist (with more detailed explanations below) to make sure you don’t forget those minor details. They make a big difference!

[INFOGRAPHIC] 2015 Social Marketing Trends

Social media is a beast that is constantly evolving into something even more complex than before. It can be hard to keep up on the latest trends and the best ways to reach your audience. We’ve created a little infographic to tell you the best ways to stay in touch with your fans in 2015. Check it out, and tell us in the comments what other trends you see on the horizon!

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