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4 Signup Form Fails that Frustrate Fans

4 signup Form Fails


A well-designed signup form is crucial when building your email list. But bad form practices can easily turn away fans or collect inaccurate info. To save yourself the headache of remedying poor email collection here’s a few “f’ed up” …

3 Types of Fan Data You’re Probably Missing

fan data final (1)

Smart email collection isn’t just about how you collect subscribers, it’s also important to consider what you collect from subscribers. An email address is just a foot in the door. To really engage your fans, make sure to collect other …

Ask the Co-Founders: 8 Fan Relationship Tips

FanBridge is always committed to the fans, and we all know that this relationship can be hard to manage. We asked the FanBridge co-founders Spencer Richardson and Noah Dinkin their thoughts on building and maintaining a strong relationship with fans.

Starting From Scratch IV: Background Image

This is the final part of a four part series stepping through the process of using the Standard HTML Creator to compose an email campaign. To start from the beginning, view the tutorial videos here.

We’ve arrived at the …