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Kickstart Your Campaign with Kickstarter & Vimeo

With new buttons, design features and fonts (oh my!), we can’t stop talking about the latest changes to our Template Tool and our new video integration is no exception. Now, if you want to add video to your campaign, you …

Email Template Tool: More! More! More!

What we love about the Template Tool, is how it can easily pull up your audio tracks, videos, and events right at your fingertips. But we think there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. So we …

Apple Music & FanBridge



We always strive to make sharing music with fans as easy as possible for FanBridgers. With our integration with Apple Music, sharing your music just became easier than ever before. Now, fans can discover your Apple Music profile through …

Email Engagement For Comedians

Email engagement for comedians


Comedians and managers have to take advantage of every opportunity to build an audience of loyal fans to sell tickets when promoting a tour. But social media engagement and in-house advertising can only go so far. Which is why …

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