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Want to brand your channel? Have a major video you’d like to feature across all of your videos? YouTube’s new InVideo Programming allows content creators to include their own unique branding across all of their videos, or insert a thumbnail link to a specific video in all content. These features are called Feature your channel and Feature a video.

InVideo Programming

Feature your channel

Add a logo to your videos. The image will default to your channel avatar, but you can customize this by clicking “custom” and uploading an alternate image. Don’t worry – this won’t change your avatar. Select which corner your logo should appear and set the display time. We’ve set ours to appear at the top right corner in the last ten seconds of our videos.

Logo on YouTube Video

Right now, YouTube just allows one image across all videos, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little creative. Change the image periodically by matching it to the themes of new content or creating a holiday edition of your logo.


Feature a video

Featuring a video will include a thumbnail of one video across all of your content. This is a great way to cross-promote new, special, or particularly important content. To add a featured video, choose the Feature a video option and either select one of the videos on the screen or enter the URL of the video you’d like to use.

featured video on youtube

Like adding a logo to your videos, featured videos are consistent across every video you have. Therefore, you should use unique-enough content that you believe should be in front of every viewer that comes across your videos. Try including some kind of introductory video, a big announcement, or a behind-the-scenes look into your content creation process.

InVideo Programming is a new to YouTube, so try it out and subscribe to the FanBridge blog for updates to this and other YouTube features.
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