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Last month, you had the chance to meet two of our fine FanBridge employees, Ben and Justin. While Gray, our Director of Music Industry Relations, hasn’t had his chance to answer slightly embarrassing questions from Team FanBridge yet, we’re still kicking August off with his weekly newsletter. It’ll be here every Monday for your reading pleasure.

Last week was LA, this week is NYC – ahh, the joys of the telecommuter. Honestly though – it’s pretty amazing. 20 years ago, it would have been virtually impossible (and hell, jobs like this wouldn’t even have existed), and now, here we are. Skype conference calls, 10+ hours a day of email, facebook & twitter on the airplane, knee-deep in the world of “teh interwebz“. Everything’s different, and yet a lot is still the same. The most used sites are Social Media – they’re all there to put people in touch with one another (at least on the front end). I wonder what happens 10 years from now?

Fan-to-friend – the modern word-of-mouth

Comscore released a new whitepaper this week, in conjunction with facebook, showing conclusively that it’s not just fans who see your message online, but also their friends. It’s that organic spread that creates even more value from every second that you put into an email, post, and tweet. I feel like music marketers have known this for years – and yet now that there are hard numbers on it, it’s just now gaining mainstream attention. It’s always been about getting your fans (likes) to talk more about it (share), to spread the word for you. (You can download your very own pdf of the study here.)

And (shameless pitch in 5… 4… 3…) – this is why we have SO MUCH share functionality built in to both the email and facebook portions of our platform. Whether it’s tweeting & retweeting, forwarding your newsletter, or sharing a playable track into the facebook newstream – it’s all part of the process of growing the fanbase.

You connect to your fans. Your fans connect to their friends. The “Likes” go up. The followers increase. The list grows. Fan are cultivated. It’s a good thing.

What new products are you liking?

Spotifyturntable.fmonesheetCosmic Panda… these are just a few of the newer pieces that have gone live in the last few months for those of us who are stateside – but I’m curious, what else are you digging? What do you think is going to take off? What’s your most used app (aside from angry birds and/or instagram)?

blame this playlist.


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