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Director of Administration
Super Powers

Ability a) to make the office work faster to make it to happy hour; b) to personally deliver an ungodly amount of Popeyes into the office the next morning.

Power Source



Salad and current Top 40.

Stef is the self-proclaimed Head of String Cheese-Sour Patch Kids-Toilet Paper-Happy Hour-Band Outings-Quickbooks-Culture-New Hires-Payroll-And Everything Else That Keeps the Company Running. (Yeah, you should see her business card...) She put in her time in large companies’ cubicle farms before joyously turning her back on that for the all-in mentality of startups – FanBridge providing the perfect combopack, with 3 offices to manage. Stef is the first to panic when the office is too quiet, quickly “forcing” (nicely…ish) someone to play tunes; rolls her eyes at the mention of lunching at Just Salads; and brought Donut Fridays to the NY office. Thank god.

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