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General Manager
Super Powers

Making tables in HTML, Punnery, Ping Pong.

Power Source

Diner coffee, The NYC FanBridge "Songs I Want to Hear Today" playlist.


Microsoft copy/paste code in email campaigns.

Scott hails from the suburbs of Chicago (we love the town’s name – say it with us: “Wauconda”). One college could not contain him…he graduated with 2 years of Piano Performance at Lawrence University + 2 years of Music Business at NYU under his belt. Before he grabbed that degree, he spent 3 months studying in Prague; but before that, he took on an internship at a young startup called…FanBridge. Dedicated beyond belief, he returned from the Eastern Block to eventually become our Client Service Manager. Scott prides himself on being a human IMDB and likes to put that knowledge to test with "17 degrees of separation" challenges and answering questions like "Who was that guy in that movie with the thing…?". Mostly though, Scott enjoys helping FanBridgers get the most out of their accounts and hearing the great ideas they have for improvement.

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