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Director of Sports Industry Relations
Skype: jkadis
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Can read the minds of the most powerful decision makers in the sports industry.

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Bacon cheeseburgers.

Every office needs that one guy who knows all the best lunch joints within a 3-block radius and the constant whereabouts of every foodtruck – and in our case, it’s Justin. "But he’s so slim," you say. Sure, because he’s also our Sports guy – our Director of Sports Industry Relations, to be precise. This guy’s constantly keeping his heart rate up by working to raise awareness of our platforms within the sports industry and convert properties - leagues, teams, players and coaches - into clients. A true fan of all sports, he’s especially excitable over basketball, baseball and football (now that’s a red-blooded Midwestern boy). But if you reallllly want to know Justin, note that his alter ego is Joey "Jaws" Chestnut. If you've ever watched Nathan's Famous, you'll know that he’s the top gurgitator in the world. Hasn't lost the mustard belt since '07.

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