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Director of Film/TV Relations, Strategic Partnerships
Super Powers

Ability to "pick things up and put them down" (said with a German accent) as needed for partners and clients.  

Power Source

Desire to own planet earth.


Great conversation with great people.

The first thing we learned about Jay is that he lives in New Jersey. The second thing we learned is that he used to be on *soap operas*! (No, he never fake-made-out or got fake-slapped – trust us, we asked.) But the most important thing about Jay is that he’s our Director of Film/TV Relations, which means he supports FanBridge’s clients in the film and television industries to enhance engagement and monetization via the direct-to-fan platform. No one trick pony, Jay also works with our developers on new features aimed at filmmakers, television properties, celebrities and other relevant brands. Plus, he teams with FanBridge’s strategic partners on integrated solutions and ongoing improvements to the platform…afterall, anyone who worked around all those whirling storylines can pretty much juggle anything.

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