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ESP - the ability to read client's minds and know what they need and how to help them even before they know!

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Being the foursquare mayor of FanBridge.


When Scott steals my foursquare mayorship. :( 

Hannah is a study in this-but-that’s. She’s an ever-proud Canadian, but spent the majority of her time growing up in Connecticut. She loves her adopted home of New York City, but is a very loyal Red Sox and Patriots fan (FBHQ grumbles just thinking about it).  Still, some things about Hannah are very straight ahead – she recently graduated with a degree in Psychology and Strategic Management from Syracuse University and is annoyingly proud of her Alma Mater. (It’s true, she’s making us say “Go Orange!” here.) She’s got a musical background with roots in piano and voice and spent a good amount of time growing up involved in musical theatre (ask her about her claim to fame).  But her most recent claim to fame? Going from summer 2010 FanBridge intern to full-fledged FanBridge Client Service Rep!

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