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Drew’s path to FanBridge mania goes a little something like this: NYU Music Business kid to intern to part-time Client Service Rep to full-time Business Analyst. Got that? He prides himself on wearing lots of hats, and touching many aspects of the company. He’s also the kind of guy that will bug you until you crack a smile…or pick up a ping pong paddle. Either way. A musician of his own right (Drew’s currently in the process of writing his first album, and also plays bass and sings backing vocals with singer/songwriter Jon Bell) he’s got a real love for New York City, music, and the music business itself. B-b-b-but wait, there’s more - his interests also cover new technology, arts, sports, and international politics - there are few topics that Drew will not excitedly talk your ear off about. (Yes, Drew, we hear you - now, shush...)

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