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Marketing Manager
Skype: ben_markowitz
Super Powers

Able to manage multiple projects in a single bound, improve customer experience .... Oh, and perfectly pan sear anything wrapped in bacon.

Power Source

Almonds (unsalted).



Ben’s on about 15 teams here…Client Marketing…Project Management…owner of FanBridge mascot (and all-around good dog), Gideon…but we just call him our Marketing Manager. So what does he do? Well, there’s the mad scientist side – running experiments to see what subtle changes can make big differences for clients; and the valuation side – helping clients to get the most bang for their buck. But there’s just so much more to Ben…he’s the secret weapon of our bowling team, a driving ping-pong force behind Song&Pong, a huge Phillies fan (...what can we do), a huge bourbon/scotch fan (this we can agree on), and a huge fan of cheese both lowbrow (string) and highbrow (ask him about his grilled cheddar/manchego/Old Bay sandwich). Oh, and did we mention kickass bass player for The Essex? Right, we just did.

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