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Our new Analytics 3.0 release welcomes several new features designed to help clients successfully target their audience and make future campaigns even more effective.

Today, we’re highlighting one of the most helpful and informative new tools: the Heat Map.

The new campaign Heat Map feature allows clients a real-time view of exactly which aspects of their emails are most popular and which could still use some work.

The Heat Map highlights each link in the campaign and assigns it a color based on Click Through Rate:


Red areas indicate the most popular links, while green and yellows represent those that were less clicked.  Mouse-over each area, and specific link detail will pop up, giving you a more accurate statistical idea of each part of your campaign:

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 3.25.58 PM

Utilizing the Heat Map gives you important insight into every link throughout your email:

-Is the placement of a certain link or image yielding a high enough click-through rate?
-Are you using the best possible wording in your links?
-Are you using a plain link or a nice button?
-Is the placement or size of your content providing you with the results you are looking for?

For example: If you have an important RSVP link as a button at the bottom of your email and there are other links near the top that are not as important (but getting more clicks), you might consider swapping their locations. The Heat Map is instrumental in letting you know how to position the highest value actions in the places where your fans can most easily see them.

This is just one way the Heat Map can provide you further knowledge of what content fans tend to gravitate toward, and how it benefits your future outreach efforts.


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