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FanBridge has completely redesigned our Campaign Analytics page to include even more features and tools to help you better understand and target your audience:

To quickly recap:
Our analytics tools allow you to monitor how your email campaigns perform and how your fans interact with them.  You can see who is opening your emails, when they’re doing so, and can even find out how many fans click on the links and content you provide.

In addition to existing campaign information, we are proud to now offer the following new features to Gold and Platinum users:

-Additional A/B Testing results
-Fan Respondent Demographics including gender, location, and type of device the fan used
-Campaign comparison: track your current campaign and compare to previous campaign performance
-A visual click-through Heat Map
-YouTube views, likes, and watch time
-Sleek, new and easy-to-follow analytics design

Check it out!

FanBridge Advanced Email Analytics


Understanding how fans truly interact with your newsletters gives you enormous insight into what content gets fans liking, downloading, and sharing.  This knowledge helps you measure your marketing efforts and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Bottom line: Analytics aren’t just about measuring the success of your campaigns, but learning how to create even better ones.


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