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The best way to easily to grow your mailing list is to make sure you have a signup form on all your online properties, and if you have a community of fans on your Facebook page, you’ll want to be sure there is an easy way for those fans to sign up for your list. To get a form on Facebook, follow the instructions and video tutorial shown below.


You just need two components in order to get started: an HTML iFrame tab and  the embed code for the widget that you want to add.

In order to get the form on Facebook, you need to first install a third party app to Facebook so it can host your widget’s code (we recommend the Thunderpenny Static HTML iFrame).

The second thing you need after installing the third-party app is the embed code of the signup form you’ve created on FanBridge. Once you’ve created your form, select the “Get Embed Code” button and copy the code found under the “I am embedding this form on a website or on Facebook” option.

PRO TIP: If you would like the form to take up the entire space of the tab, set your form to a custom width of 810 pixels.

After you have created your form and copied the code, you will just need to insert it into the third party static HTML app. Go the extra mile by customizing your tab title and image, and you are all set!

Check out this step-by-step video to help you get started:

PRO TIP: Placing your signup form as one of the top four tab options is the best way to achieve the highest conversion rate from Facebook page visitors to email subscribers.

Create your signup form today!


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