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New Facebook Insights are working their way into page accounts. While you can generally still access the old ones, you’ll have to start using the new version sooner than later. Don’t stress – they’re easy to understand and, in our humble opinions, more informative than the original.


What’s New?

Gone is the active user! Say hello to “People Talking About This” and “Weekly Total Reach.” These are the two key metrics you’ll want to follow for an overall idea of how your page performs.

People Talking About This

How many people are creating new content around your page? This content can be anything from posting a new Like to sharing your posts to mentioning your page in a unique timeline mention. Basically, sharing anything that has to do with your page will contribute to this number.

Weekly Total Reach

This metric is closest to the old Weekly/Monthly Active Users metrics. Instead of just measuring fans who interact with your posts, though, it’s counting friends of fans who share your content and interactions with ads and sponsored stories.

Reach has it’s own dedicated tab, as well. On this tab, you can see the demographic breakdown of reach along with information on how fans were reached. These categories are organic (fans reached directly from your content), paid (fans reached from ads and sponsored stories), and viral (friends of fans who see content they share).

Page Posts

Don’t settle for just knowing how many times your post was seen in the newsfeed. The new insights for posts include information on reach, engagement, and virality. These insights are about understanding what content succeeds in engaging fans and how that content is then talked about and shared. Under Engaged Users, you’ll see not only the number of clicks your post received but whether those clicks generated new stories through shares. This provides further data on how far your content travels. For better information on virality, though, see the Virality metric. It turns the amount of stories created from your content into a percentage of total reach. Best of all, you can sort all page post data by any of these metrics for an easy way to view top content.


Have you used the new Facebook Insights yet? Do you find them more useful than the old analytics offered?

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