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Is your email copy feeling a little flat? Looking to add some emphasis? Fret not, FanBridgers! The solution’s easier than you think.

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To italicize, underline, or make text bold, simply highlight the text and a bubble will appear.








You can also insert hyperlinks!




Select a text format, edit and voila!


Team FanBridge


Everyone loves something free. But what can you give to all your fans for free without breaking your budget? Look no further than our Free Giveaway feature, which seamlessly includes direct download links in email campaigns to share music and other files with your fans!


To set this up, upload your file to your FanBridge account on the Free Giveaway page. Select a file that you have the legal right to distribute and upload it. Then you can get started on setting up your fan giveaway campaigns!


To set up a free incentive for new fans joining your mailing list, you need to customize your confirmation email. Select Fan Incentive Module under the Add Module menu and click the “download” button. Here, you can select which file to give away and change the button text. When you’re done setting up your confirmation message, click “save”.

 Screenshot 2016-05-13 11.37.31

While it’s great to reward new fans, don’t forget about the subscribers you already have! Subscribers already signed on to your mailing list won’t be able to receive a free download through a confirmation email. When creating an email campaign, add a Fan Incentive module from the Other Modules menu to include a free download.


Screenshot 2016-05-13 11.39.54


Drag it to your campaign and configure the file and button text. Add a message telling your fans about the giveaway and you’re all set!


If you’re having trouble coming up with a message tell your fans that you’re giving them a free download in advance for already being on the list. This lets them know that not only is the download available, it conveys appreciation for their loyal support.


There are countless ways to announce a giveaway! If you set up your confirmation giveaway, you can create a Twitter card to convert your Twitter followers into subscribers and reward them for signing up. If you pin the card to the top of your Twitter page, or create an auto-recurring social media campaign with the card, you can ensure new followers see it and increase your chances of gaining subscribers.

 Screenshot 2016-05-13 11.43.58


Free giveaways are perfect for slow periods between touring and album releases, or if you just want to show some appreciation for all the love your great fans have shared!


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Get started by uploading your free giveaway HERE!

Team FanBridge

It can be a challenge to share music from Spotify in email campaigns. Embedding tracks can be simple on social media, blogs and basically any platform besides email. At FanBridge, we pride ourselves on being the only email marketing platform that provides users with this integration.
For a while, we’ve allowed FanBridgers the ability to link their personal Spotify account or artist page to FanBridge. If you haven’t set it up yet, you can do so by heading to the “Link Social” page under the Applications tab.
link social
Once you’re all set up, you can add songs, albums and even playlists to your campaign through audio modules. In the Template Tool, simply drag any type of audio module to your campaign template, click the “Add Audio” button, and select “URL”.
From there, you can copy the Spotify audio link and paste it into the field. Click “Go!” and, voila! Your content is added to your campaign.


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