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What is Engagement?

Navigating the different social media platforms these days can be quite overwhelming.  In addition to maintaining a presence on so many networks, you are also expected to track your performance and understand how you can better connect with your audience from those numbers!  When looking at social media analytics,  there are a lot of numbers to sort through, and one of the most important metrics to watch is always “Engagement.”


From Twitter to email campaigns, there is an emphasis on engagement.  But what does this word actually mean, and why should it matter if your fans are giving your post a thumbs up?


What is Engagement?


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An engagement, in social media terms, can mean a “like” on your Facebook post or a Retweet on Twitter.   It is any deliberate interaction on the fan’s part, meaning that something you said made them want to spend their time and take an action to show their support for you.


Think about the last time you got a “like” on an Instagram photo, or the last time someone replied to you on Twitter.  Yes, that engagement counts toward a number and a percentage of your audience that’s engaged.  But don’t forget to really analyze what it was that you said that prompted their response.  It goes much deeper than that number.  That engaged fan feels a connection with you, and they want to strengthen that connection.


Why Should You Care?


An engaged audience in social media and email leads to an engaged audience that you can monetize.  If your fans don’t care enough to click on a new instagram photo and give it a quick “like,” they certainly won’t care enough to make a purchase from you.


Engagement on social media can translate to engagement in email, and eventually, it can lead to a purchase.  If you get that “like” on your photo, next you can get a click through on your Twitter post prompting followers to join your mailing list.


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Once they’re on your mailing list, there’s an even higher chance that, (a) they will know the next time you have a product/service for sale, and (b) that they will buy that product/service.

However, it all has to start with that connection.  A “like” by itself seems rather arbitrary, but really think about why your followers feel the need to take that action, and keep connecting with them in even more meaningful ways.  It can pay off (literally).

Team FanBridge

build conversation around your tour


Planning for your next tour can be a lot of work.  From booking and logistics, to promotions and marketing, to planning the actual show, it can be hard not to miss something.  Of course, in all the details, it’s easy to lose sight of the reason for the tour in the first place: the FANS!  As important as it is for you to prepare for your tour, it’s equally important to help prepare the fans, not only so they can have an amazing experience, but so they can help you spread the word.  Here are 3 easy ways to get your fans excited and talking about your tour before it even starts:


Ask For Input


Your fans would love to be a part of your planning process.  Start by asking them which cities you should visit, like Alex G did.  You’ll figure out where your most dedicated fans are while engaging them in the process!


Planning what your show is going to look and sound like is another great place to ask for fan input.  Asking them what they want to see from your show is an easy way to make their opinions feel valued and let them know that you want them to have the best possible experience.


Connect Locally


Once you’ve planned your tour stops, target conversations with your fans around where you’re going.  The fans attending these shows will feel a closer connection with you if you make each stop on the tour feel extra special.


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If you’ve never been to the city before, start by asking the local fans about their hometown.  Where should you eat while you’re there?  How about any tourist attractions in the area?  If you have been to the city before, maybe share a nice memory from your last visit, or tell your fans why you’re excited to come back!


Easily target your conversations by using geo-targeting options on social media, as well as geo-targeting your email campaigns on FanBridge.  Your fans will be so excited that you’re so excited to visit them.


Preview the Experience


A live event is a once in a lifetime experience that can never be replicated.  While you want to maintain the mystery, be sure to let your fans in on some details of what they can expect from your show.  Not only will this build excitement and buzz around the event, but it will also help the fan set their expectations so they can enjoy the experience, rather than be disappointed.  Here are a few ideas:


-Share a short video clip of your rehearsal for the show

-Share a preview of what your stage setup will look like

-Share a fond memory from your last tour

-Make them feel a part of the group by introducing your band mates or crew members

-Preview your tour merchandise so your fans are ready to take the experience home with them


Pair these ideas with a well-written hashtag, and you’ll see how excited your fans are when they feel like they are a part of the planning process.


Getting ready for a tour?  Make sure you add your events to FanBridge.  Quickly add your FanBridge events to an email campaign with the Template Tool.

Team FanBridge

FanBridge Template Tool


Team FanBridge recently released a re-designed version of the FanBridge Template Tool.  We know that HTML code can be extremely daunting, so we thought we would take care of that headache for you!  The Template Tool is a simple drag-and-drop editor that allows you to craft a beautiful email in minutes.


There are a lot of customizable options and add-ons in the Template Tool, and we wanted to make sure that everyone gets the most value possible out of this incredible resource.  Check out the video below to learn how to craft a clean and customized email, rich with engaging content that your fans will be excited to open:



Have more questions on how to use the Template Tool?  Leave a comment below!

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