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Email engagement for comedians


Comedians and managers have to take advantage of every opportunity to build an audience of loyal fans to sell tickets when promoting a tour. But social media engagement and in-house advertising can only go so far. Which is why it’s important to add email marketing to your promotion strategy for a comedy act. Let’s look at some reasons why email is crucial for comedy marketing.



FanBridge allows you to target fans from certain areas for when you’re touring internationally or on the local circuit. It can even be helpful if you’re a manager/promoter with different acts in different areas.


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Segmentation provides you with the ability to better personalize your message to fans, making it a little easier to build engagement and fill seats when you’re in town. With segmentation, you can cater to the fans who prefer a sales pitch with a story and those who just want to get right to event info instead of trying to cater to one general group.


Actionable content

On social, promotions are generally more effective when they contain one main focus. Email however can lead to multiple actions in one area and can allow fans to provide more info that might not be easily conveyed on social. While both email & social allow for promoting ticket sales, with email you can include more CTAs to keep fans engaged.


Communication control

Social media today is a crowded landscape. With constant algorithm changes affecting how well your content reaches fans, it takes more time, energy & money to build engagement. However with email, you’re guaranteed to reach every fan you target when you send a campaign.


When a fan follows you on social media, the data they provide belongs to that platform alone. Should anything happen where you lose that connection e.g., you or the fan leave the platform or the platform itself deactivates (RIP MySpace), that connection is gone forever. But if that fan joins your mailing list, you control the conditions of that connection until they opt out of your list.

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4 signup Form Fails


A well-designed signup form is crucial when building your email list. But bad form practices can easily turn away fans or collect inaccurate info. To save yourself the headache of remedying poor email collection here’s a few “f’ed up” signup form fails you should avoid when collecting subscribers.


1. Country/State Text Field

Collecting location data from subscribers is a smart move for strong list segmentation. But if you’re asking fans to type this data out, you could wind up with inaccurate information. Text fields leave room for fans to provide inconsistent location data. When fans from New York City provide data through a text field, they could record their location as “NYC”, “New York”, “Manhattan”, etc. Instead of asking subscribers to type out their location info, try using a drop-down menu to collect more uniform data.


2. Unorganized Dropdown Menus

An organized drop-down field can help subscribers save time when providing information. If your signup form isn’t organized, however, fans can get lost in your field or they may give up on joining your list. To cut down on friction, make sure your drop down field is organized by one specific type of region.


3. Too many required fields

It makes sense to require fans to provide email, zip & country. But it may not be wise to require info like gender or phone number unless it’s absolutely vital for your marketing strategy. If unnecessary or unavailable info is required, fans may not want/be able to join your list. When deciding on what info you want to request from fans, make sure your required fields are absolutely necessary for your email marketing.


4. Neglecting geo information

For some, all that’s needed to email fans is an address. While we get why you may be wary of asking too much of fans, we can’t resist mentioning the importance of geographic info. Depending on your list and your content, lack of geographic information can lead to weak list segmentation. When fans are lumped into a catchall sending group where they receive irrelevant content, you run the risk of losing subscribers or, even worse, getting marked as spam. To guarantee that fans are receiving the right content, make sure they provide geographic info upon signup.


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fan data final (1)

Smart email collection isn’t just about how you collect subscribers, it’s also important to consider what you collect from subscribers. An email address is just a foot in the door. To really engage your fans, make sure to collect other fan data:

Transaction Data
If you’ve ever sold merch online, you’ve collected crucial fan data that can help drive future sales and engagement. Data including the total amount spent by a fan, their most recent purchase and time since last purchase can allow you to better target content to subscribers in different stages of the sales process.

Email Preference
Even though fans are opting into your list, they may not want to receive every email you send. Instead of mass emailing your fans, let them decide what types of content they receive. Perhaps some of your fans want monthly updates instead of a weekly newsletter. When you give fans the option to dictate what content they receive and when they receive it, they’ll be more eager to see your content in their inbox.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 10.18.30 AM

One quick way to let fans set their email preference is to create public custom subscriber groups based on sending frequency and type of email content (promos, announcements, events, merch, etc). This way, fans can simply head to your Fan Action Page to establish what they receive and how often.

Emailing fans in Tulsa about a show in Germany may not go over well with your audience. Mistakes like this can be avoided if you collect the right geographic fan data. Geo info can turn location-based content into highly converting content that grabs fans’ attention.

To collect geo fan data, ask that fans provide a postal code & country upon signup. If you’ve collected subscribers who haven’t provided location info, you can always request this through an email campaign. Ask that fans update their info but be transparent and let them know it’s to better personalize your content for them.

Gathering valuable fan data is important for creating and effectively targeting relevant content to your audience. Start collecting today to deliver better campaigns to your audience!


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