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Besides discovering where your fans are, we understand there’s an importance to knowing WHO your fans are. So we want to kickstart your data collection efforts and gain a stronger understanding of your fans by helping you collect their social profiles.

How to collect: It helps to collect fan info gradually over time as they may not be open to doing so immediately and all at once. One way to collect fan social handles is through Tweet For a Track. With Tweet For a Track, fans can access a free download just by providing a simple retweet.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 2.09.18 PM

If you’re looking for more than Twitter handles, try sending a campaign during slow times to ask fans to update their subscriber info and provide social accounts. As a reward, give them a quick shout out or follow them back.

We’ve got more ways to collect this info in the works. But don’t just wait around, get started on collecting that info today!

Team FanBridge

Like anyone needing to market themselves online, there’s probably a million questions about engagement on your mind. Well we’ve come up with a list of articles we’ve done in the past that should hopefully answer any questions you have on engagement for social or email campaigns


What is Engagement? – Clicks? Likes? Comments? What does engagement really mean?

What is a Good Engagement Rate? – Once you understand engagement, how do you know you’re receiving enough?

What is a Good Open Rate? – Discover the industry standard for email open rates and how to improve your metrics

Visual Strategies to Boost Engagement – See how adding images to your content can help improve social/email engagement

5 Major Takeaways on Fan Engagement – A few crucial lessons we’ve learned from our experience with garnering fan engagement

5 Tips to Increase Your Email Engagement Rate – Keep fans interested with 5 simple strategies for improving email engagement

6 Ways to Connect With Your Audience at Events – Engagement isn’t just for email & social media. Bond with fans face to face with these 6 tips.

4 Simple Ways to Engage Your Social Media Audience – Learn 4 easy fundamentals on connecting with your audience on social media

After the Contest: Getting Value from Social Media Contests – Maintain audience momentum after a social contest while building up your fan base with a few helpful tips

13 Ways Not to Build a Fan Base – Establishing an audience from scratch? Then you may want to avoid these “techniques”.

Creating Effective Calls to Action in Email Campaigns – A strong call to action could be just the push fans need to engage your campaigns

Why Bands Should Be On Pinterest – “But Pinterest is for nothing but home decor ideas, right?” Wrong. It could be your next channel for engaging fans.

Turn Facebook Likes into Engaged Fans – Industry experts weigh in on ways to convert Facebook likes into an active audience

Guest Series: Fan Engagement/Monetization – After a fan joins your list, when is a good time to start selling?

Fan Engagement: What Should Artists Do to Excite Inactive Fans? – Worried your audience is losing interest? We asked a few experts for ways to win back fans.

How Do You Tell If An Artist Has a Loyal/Engaged Fan Base? – What metrics or fan behaviors should artists focus on to determine fan loyalty?


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Crafting the perfect subject line for a newsletter is always a hot topic in the email marketing world as it’s the first thing a subscriber sees in their inbox. Is your subject line compelling enough to elicit an open? Is it missing that extra something to perfectly convey what exciting things are in your campaign? If you are looking to easily add some character into your subject lines, just look to your right where you’ll find an emojis button on the Subject Line input field.


Adding Emojis to your Subject Line

Insert Emojis in Subject Lines

While some may see that the use of emojis in subject lines can actually increase open rates, test if your audience responds the same way with a Subject Line A/B Test.


A/B Test Emoji Subject Lines

You’ll find the emoji quick insert on regular campaigns, auto-recurring and drip emails, as well as the automated birthday email.


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