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When you see the word “hyper,” do you imagine a small child running amuck?  Or perhaps you might think of the medical terminology that refers to something in excess, above and beyond the norm. This is how the term relates to hyper locality, with an above average focus being placed more extensively on location when it comes to digital marketing strategies.


Online marketing strategies are still a hot commodity with marketers since studies indicate that these methods are still being successfully utilized with today’s consumers. Results show that:


  • 70% of respondents agree that online marketing on social media is effective.
  • For 2015, online marketing is preferred by respondents 80% of the time on websites, thumbs up to 70% choosing  social media channels and 60% via emails.
  • Online marketing improves brand awareness according to 73% of respondents.


With the explosive growth of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other handheld devices, it is only logical that marketing goes mobile and local, especially hyper local. Businesses need to leave a digital footprint for consumers to find them using their mobile devices since more of them are accessing the internet, rather than stationary desktop users, according to recent research.


So we can see why mobile   marketing is so important, but what are some strategies to reach this audience on-the-go? Let’s take a look at a few methods that will connect better to mobile and help to localize marketing:


Hyper Localized Both Online and Off


In order to have a presence in your local community, you actually need to be present as a part of your local community. Support nearby charities, start a canned food drive, sponsor local sports teams and attend community functions. For a more personal touch, create and hand out event-specific business cards that can be made inexpensively online and branded with your logo. Remind consumers that you met them at this local event and offer them a discount or coupon with your card.


Push this valuable connection to your community online, blog about local events, post a calendar of events on your website, recommend other non-relevant products or services in the area; where customers can grab a great burger or enjoy a local hotspot. When people are searching for this type of information on the internet, your brand and business will show up more often in search results and raise your rankings.


Be Localized and Socialized


Having a presence on social media will help search engines locate your business, especially on sites like Google. Their algorithms now place more importance on connections made on these social platforms and will help to further push your brand up in rankings.


Minimally you should have a presence on Facebook, and you can even target audiences according to their location by following this simple guide. Listings on Google+ and LinkedIn are also encouraged, but be careful not to bite off more than you can chew on many different channels as users expect regular posts, engagement and responses. As you become more familiar with marketing and networking on social media, you can branch out to other channels, Twitter and Instagram are also popular choices.

facebook account


Listed Locally to be Found


Take the time to sign-up your business on as many of the local listings available on the internet as you can possibly muster. Online listings such as Google Places, Foursquare and Yelp are often one of the first places to pop up when searches are performed.


Take it one step further: claim and customize your business site, add pictures, your brand’s logo, office hours, telephone number, email address and linkable website URL. This will give your business a genuine, authentic image that more consumers will trust.


With a little time, some strategy and engagement, you can connect with online audiences using content marketing on a more localized level.


Email Marketing


More emails are checked on mobile devices than on desktop computers. Since users are much more likely to click on a mobile device, it’s important to engage your audience with actionable promotions. Online surveys, voting polls, and limited-time offers are good examples of engagement.


It’s also important to take advantage of the fact that your audience is a click away from the app store. So if you’re marketing an app, offer a download link and your conversions are just about guaranteed to increase.


Users are more likely to click through an ad if there is local information. By advertising your locality to audiences in the area, you’re less likely to be viewed as spam. Emails with dates on local events give users the sense of urgency to go to your store and events before it’s too late.  Target these hyper local emails with FanBridge’s Intelligent Targeting tool.


With a little strategy and a good design, email marketing can become one of the easiest and most lucrative ways to engage with your local audience.


Nick Rojas is a business consultant and writer who lives in Los Angeles. He has consulted small and medium-sized enterprises for over twenty years. He has contributed articles to, Entrepreneur, and TechCrunch. You can follow him on Twitter @NickARojas, or you can reach him at NickAndrewRojasatgmaildotcom  (NickAndrewRojasatgmaildotcom)  .

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Every year, SXSW draws a massive crowd, inviting the biggest celebrities, the best new films, the most incredible new technology, and of course, music everywhere.  In case you weren’t able to join the party, here’s 10 things you may have missed at SXSW this year: 

1. Meerkat

Every year at SXSW, there are usually a couple of apps and start-ups that stand out from the rest for better or worse and garner a bit of hype for themselves.  This year it was all about the live streaming app Meerkat, which had been growing in popularity for a few weeks since its launch on February 27 but it has now hit a fever pitch.  Read More at Paste Magazine…


2. Keynote Speaker Snoop Dogg

The least insightful – but the most entertaining – [session] came from Friday’s keynote speaker Snoop Dogg. The rap legend didn’t really give a speech but was interviewed on stage by his manager Ted Chung. For this reason, a hard-hitting interrogation was not on the cards, but the Dogg still managed to entertain.  Read More at The Guardian…


3. Flying Car

At South By Southwest 2015, Juraj Vaculik, co-founder and CEO of AeroMobil, spoke at a panel about the future of flying cars, predicting a world ahead in which these vehicles easily merge with existing transportation. For him and his team, the goal is to make medium-distance travel much less of a hassle, and to do so, the company aims to put its vehicle on the market by 2017.  Read More at Popular Science…


4. Women Dominate SXSW Film Festival

The SXSW Film Festival has always been a launching pad for women in Hollywood.  But this year’s SXSW had more girl power than ever before, from the female-driven comedies “Trainwreck” and “Spy,” to the work of breakout directors like Hannah Fidell (“6 Years”) and Shannon Sun-Higginson (“GTFO: A Documentary About Women in Gaming”).  Read More at Variety…


5. Miley Cyrus Surprises

The biggest buzz around town on Thursday, as the South by Southwest music mayhem hit its stride, was not about a breakout band from Brooklyn or Sweden, nor was it focused on the previous night’s exclusive Iggy Azalea set for Samsung. Instead, the increasingly loud whispers around Austin came straight from trending topics for 2013: Miley Cyrus was rumored to be making an appearance.  Read More at NYT…


6. Marketers Tricked Tinder Users

There are a few universal truths in online dating: most photos are carefully staged, most profiles are slightly puffed-up, and most people on them (and this is clearly fast-changing) are actually human.  Until some unlucky Tinder users spotted Ava.  Read More at TechCrunch…


7. YouTube Launches Artist Analytics

FanBridger Ari Herstand gets an in-depth look at YouTube’s new analytics for artists, giving artists an inside look into who and where their audience is.  Read More at Digital Music News….


8. Thoughts on Gender Equality in Tech, Interrupted

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt had a lot to say Monday about the lack of racial and gender diversity in the technology industry.  In fact, Schmidt had so much to say that he often interrupted and spoke over his co-panelist, Megan Smith, the U.S.’s chief technology officer and a former Google executive.  Read More at WSJ…


9. Navigating the New Music Economy

The opening question for the panel gathered together to discuss the new music economy here at South by Southwest was, “What did you think about the decision on ‘Blurred Lines’?”  Read More at PC…


10. J. Cole and Dreamville Records Dominate SXSW as Fest’s Hottest Ticket

It makes sense that during a SXSW that was notably devoid of the massive stars of last year’s fest — Kanye West, Prince, Lady Gaga — that a show with the potentially massive rap confession artist J. Cole would draw a crowd.  Read More at Rolling Stone…

Team FanBridge


Happy March Madness, FanBridgers!  We think the most fun part of March Madness is the fans, so we’re doing a different kind of bracket for this tournament.  We will be tracking the social media growth of the competing teams on multiple platforms to see which team can build their audience the most.  Check out how we’re tracking the teams for each round, and check back here to see which teams advance throughout the course of the tournament.  May the best fans win!


Round 1: Twitter

Twitter is the king of live social media commentary.  We want to see whose audience is paying attention during a basketball game.  Teams that gain the highest increase of followers on Twitter during Round 1 will advance to the next round.


Round 2: Facebook

Facebook has the most users of any social platform, with 900M unique monthly visitors.  Let’s see who can get the attention of the largest audience on the internet in this round.  Teams that gain the highest increase in Facebook Likes during Round 2 will advance to the next round.


Sweet Sixteen: Instagram

Instagram boasts the highest engagement of any other social platform.  We want to know who has the capability to build a highly engaged audience in this round.  Teams that gain the highest increase in Instagram followers during this round will advance to the next round.


Elite Eight: Instagram and YouTube

Instagram and YouTube are highly visual platforms.  Let’s see who has excellent visual content in this round.  The teams that gain the highest increase in YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers combined will advance to the next round.


Final Four: Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are the top two most-used platforms, often equally important to social marketers.  We want to see who will make it to the finals based on which teams can effectively market to the largest portions of their audience.  The teams that gain the highest increase in Facebook Likes and Twitter followers combined.  Keep in mind that if a team doesn’t gain as much on one of the two platforms, it will actually hurt their overall increase, so the stakes are higher here!


Finals: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

We’re tracking followers/likes/subscribers on all 4 of these platforms for the final round.  May the best content strategy win!

Check out our bracket below and check back for updates after each round.  Let us know in the comments who you think will take the prize!


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