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benefits of livestreaming

With many social platforms providing robust livestreaming tools that anyone can access, content creators have a phenomenal opportunity to connect with fans like never before. From Facebook Live to Instagram Stories, there’s no shortage of options to create compelling live video for your fans. Still, not every creator is quick to embrace this emerging style of social content. So we’ve come up with a few reasons why you may want to consider giving live video a try.


When you’re a small-scale marketer, it may be tough to devote a huge chunk of your budget to content creation. Fortunately, engaging live video is possible without having to break the bank. The social apps used to livestream are free (if you don’t already have them installed). And while it’s possible to shell out to create studio-quality live video, you could always opt for more of a simple camera setup or just stream right from your mobile device.



Due to recent algorithmic changes and heavy competition clogging up newsfeeds, organic social reach has been on the decline. We’ve discussed how visual content can improve engagement in the past, but live video in particular has proven itself as a juggernaut for engagement building. In fact, on top of receiving 10x the comments that regular video receives on average, Facebook Live video receives viewership for 3x as long as regular videos.


Record and Reuse

So you’ve set up and executed a solid live broadcast for your audience to tune into. But now that that’s out of the way, what’s next? Why not repurpose your broadcast as a video post? You can download your broadcast and upload it as a video post to keep your engagement momentum going strong. And if any fans missed your original broadcast, they can rewatch to stay in the loop.


Foster Relationship

Depending on your production budget, live video can seem kind of “bare bones” compared to the polished look of video on demand. However, this simplicity allows creators to interact face to face with their audience. You can take quick questions, shout out to a super fan or just give your audience an unscripted look into your life. And while viewers are enjoying your content, they’re also gaining a stronger emotional connection to you and your brand.


While there’s always the risk of a slip-of-the-tongue or technical difficulties, the benefits of livestreaming for your brand are just too grand to pass up. So grab your smartphone, set up some good lighting and get ready to go live!

Team FanBridge

Storm the CASL
By now, you may have heard mention of the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) and what it could mean to digital marketers. Although the new law may sound intimidating, you may already be compliant. But what exactly IS CASL? Let’s clear the air a bit:

What is CASL?

Introduced in 2014, the Canadian Anti-Spam Law furthers efforts by the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 to combat spam messaging. CASL requires messaging recipients to opt-in before receiving commercial electronic messages (CEMs) sent from or to any Canadian computer system. Recipients can either provide express (verbal or written) or implied (non-verbal but understood) consent to receive CEMs. Once a recipient opts out of receiving CEMs, the consent is revoked. CEMs must include sender identification, a form of sender contact info (address or phone #) and an opt-out method.

What are CEMs?

Commercial electronic messages are any direct, electronic messaging (email, text/instant messages, etc.) that was created to promote any commercial behavior. This kind of behavior can be any kind of advertising, purchasing, selling, or bartering of goods and/or services.

This includes promotion of an individual/their public image and the request of recipient consent is also classified as a CEM. CEMs are not:


  • Messages between individuals who share a familial or personal relationship

  • Internal business messaging

  • Electronic responses to complaints or inquiries

  • Messaging sent due to legal obligation

  • Warranty, recall or safety/security info on a good or service the recipient has purchased


Are you prepared?

As long as your mailing list is in compliance with our Terms of Use and all your subscribers have opted into receiving messaging from you, your FanBridge campaigns are always compliant with CASL. Mailing lists can not be added to FanBridge unless those contacts have provided express consent and every campaign sent from FanBridge includes an auto-generated footer with sender identification, contact info and unsubscription links.


So rest easy and stay connected with your fans! When it comes to CASL, we’ve got you covered.


Team FanBridge

collect & connect on tour


With everything that comes with the hassle of touring, it can be challenging to keep focused on events while keeping your fans engaged. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a few tips for not only gaining new subscribers, but also keeping current subscribers engaged while you’re on the go.



Building your mailing list at an event with just a pen and pad can be an absolute hassle. Instead of bothering with transcribing addresses and translating fans’ excited handwriting, you can use our Fan Collector app for iOS and Android.




Intelligent Targeting

While you’re busy gaining new subscribers throughout your tour, don’t forget to stay connected with the fans that are already on your list. Keep them in the loop with campaigns geo-targeted to subscribers around your tour stops. Send campaigns with content from previous stops to fans near upcoming destinations with our Intelligent Targeting to build anticipation for your next event. You could also send campaigns to new and old subscribers near previous destinations to keep engagement momentum going strong after you’ve left for your next stop. And creating a geo-targeted Drip Campaign can add an extra layer of personalized automation to the mix.


Meet & Greet

Although it may be a bit of a time commitment, meeting with fans face-to-face can be a wonderful experience that allows you to make a candid connection and nurture your relationship with fans. And, of course, most fans aren’t going to want to leave without a quick photo to capture the memory. Why not make their day and build some social engagement in the meantime with a fan selfie? You could even build some extra buzz online by creating a simple, relevant hashtag for fans to include in their posts. And once they’ve posted their photo, try reaching out for permission to repost it on your social media accounts. This way, you can maintain your social presence on tour while heavily increasing engagement.


Signup Incentives

As the saying goes, “The best things in life are free.” Try setting up a free signup incentive for new fans that have joined your list while on tour. Provide something that the everyday fan may not have access to, such as:

  • Live version of a song recorded during your tour

  • Exclusive video performance

  • E-book

  • Contest Entries

As nerve-wracking as touring may get, it can also the perfect opportunity to connect with your audience on and offstage. Hopefully these tips can help ease the burden so you can focus on creating an unforgettable experience for your fans.


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