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Holiday Marketing Content-Seasonal Spotify Playlist


It can be tough to think up holiday content to share with your audience. On top of all the usual chaos of the holiday season, you may be at a loss for content ideas. But there’s one useful, simple resource that could provide compelling holiday content to share with fans: Spotify playlists. A nice wintery playlist or a collection of your favorite holiday jams could be just what you need to keep fans engaged, even during a slow period. And with FanBridge’s Spotify integration, it’s even easier to share your “Winter Funderland” playlist with subscribers.


Creating a Spotify playlist is simple and customizable. To get started you can check out Spotify’s step by step instructions on how to make a playlist here.


If you’re not sure what playlist to make, here are some examples:

  • Holiday Songs You Grew Up On

  • Winter Songs That Make You Laugh

  • New Favorites From This Year

  • Songs That Always Put You In The Holiday Spirit

  • Holiday Tunes From Around The World


After all the songs are added it’s time to personalize the playlist. Adding a creative holiday themed cover image will help capture fans’ attention and stand out from the crowd of playlists. To make a successful cover image it’s important to keep it relatable to your brand and in theme with the music included. We recommend using a free graphic design tool such as Canva and create your cover image using square canvases such as Canva’s “Social Media” or “Album Cover”.


Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 4.18.33 PM


Another way to customize your playlist and help attract more fans is by giving your playlist a description. Adding a description not only informs listeners on what to expect from the playlist but also allows you to customize to match your personality.


Lastly, don’t forget to make your playlist public for all to hear!  To do this, right click on the playlist and select “Make Public”.



After finishing up your playlist, spread the word to your subscribers with a holiday playlist campaign with the Template Tool. Add an audio module to the place in your email you want to share your new playlist. Copy the playlist URL by right-clicking on it in Spotify and selecting Copy Playlist Link. Paste the link into the Add Audio field. Once your playlist is included into your email it’s time to add some detail.


You can also customize your email by creating a holiday themed banner using the email header design in Canva. This will help your email pop out from others and immediately let fans have an idea that it is for the holiday season.


 Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 2.37.37 PM


Spotify Playlists are a great gift to give your fans this Holiday season whether it’s with your own music or just your favorite tunes, or even a mixture of both! So get creating, customizing and in the holiday spirit!

Team FanBridge

Holiday Sending Solutions (1)

Email was crucial for holiday marketing in 2015 and we predict it will be even bigger this year. We’ve seen firsthand how email marketing gets your message to the right people and is effective year round. That being said, there are some things you might want to consider when thinking about end-of-November sending.


October-December email sending volume via Only Influencers


Studies show that holiday email sending skyrocketed in 2015. But be warned: competition for subscriber attention is stiff around the holidays. It may make sense to keep yourself present amongst the sea of competing senders during this busy time. But doing so could overwhelm fans and cause unsubscriptions or spam reports. Be sure to monitor your sending activity to avoid over/under-sending. If you want to send multiple campaigns, consider targeting those who didn’t open or click a previous campaign. If you have Advanced Analytics, you can see the more popular times that fans open your emails and schedule campaigns around this.

Experts agree that fan segmentation is important, especially when considering how inundated your subscriber’s inboxes will be around the holidays. For example, Return Path suggests:

 “Segment your list. Review your email metrics (opens and clicks) to segment your customers based on their engagement with your brand. You can then adjust your frequency based on activity.”

You can use Advanced Analytics to view which fans opened and clicked your campaigns and segment them into their own sending groups. You can also use Fan Rank to send more conservatively to At Risk fans or use your extra campaign sending on Super Fans for a more ideal response.


via Email Design Workshop


While social media has it’s value throughout the year, it might not influence sales as much as you would expect during the holidays. If you plan on promoting on social media during this time, use the potency of email to your advantage. For example, if you’re running a contest on social media, announcements through an email newsletter can gain some extra attention from fans.


Just because the holiday season is hectic doesn’t mean your email marketing has to be. Take a bit of time to study analytics from the year, segment subscribers into groups and prepare to reach your audience like a marketing pro. Then once the holidays are over, plan out how you can strengthen your relationship with fans through 2017.

Team FanBridge

 Fanbridge + Squarespace (1)

We know it can be challenging to maintain a website on top of the million other things you have to deal with on a daily basis. So we try our best to lighten the load for you where ever we can so you can keep on rocking out with your fans. We’re hopeful that our latest plugin does just that. Now, you can easily customize and generate a signup form that’s optimized for Squarespace!

To get started on your signup form, head to Squarespace Plugins under the Widgets menu and select a template that fits the style of your website.

template previews

You can preview each template with different field layout before selecting. Then, choose which forms you’d like to use to request fan info. You can rearrange each field, select which fields are required or optional and even customize the field, header and button text. Once that’s done, click Get Code, select HTML or CSS then Copy All to copy your form code.

To add your HTML code to your Squarespace site: In the site editor, head to the page on your site you’d like to add a form to, click the + icon to add a new block and scroll down to Code (under the More group). Paste your code into the box and make sure HTML is selected and Display Source is unchecked.
To add the form’s CSS code: From the site editor home page, head to Design > Custom CSS. Paste your code in the box and click Save at the top of the window to add the form to your page. You can also edit this code to customize the form so it fits your site perfectly.

Get started on your Squarespace signup form today!


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