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More than a drip campaign_card


In case you’ve missed it, we’ve rolled out Drip Campaigns, a new feature that automatically sends a newsletter to subscribers that have been on your list for a certain period of time – whether that’s two days, three weeks, or four months. You can pair the specific timing of your Drip Campaigns to match specific messaging because new and old fans should not necessarily be treated the same. Messaging your fans as if they were individuals will increase how effectively you communicate with them, so we gave  you the power and means to do that.


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Along with the specific timing you can create with Drip Campaigns, you can get even more precise when paired with FanBridge’s Intelligent Targeting. The possibilities are endless, but if you are looking for inspiration on what messaging to send to who and when, sign up below to receive ‘10 Days of Drip Campaigns,’ where we’ll send you 10 different ways you can effectively use a Drip Campaign with other FanBridge tools.

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Email Drip Campaigns

Team FanBridge is so excited to announce the addition of Email Drip Campaigns as a new feature! With this feature, you can send email messages to fans based on how long they’ve been subscribed to the list.
The Email Drip Campaigns feature is available now on Gold plans or higher.
For you pro email marketers out there, you may just be itching to try out this feature. You can find it in your account on the Auto-Recurring & Drips page under the Campaigns tab, where it joins other automation tools like auto-recurring email and social campaigns.

Auto-Recurring and Drips


How it works

Once on the Auto-Recurring & Drip page, select the option to create a Drip campaign. From there, you’ll see a familiar process as creating your Drip email is very similar to creating any other email campaign on FanBridge.
The targeting page is where you’ll see the difference. Here, you’ll see the option called Lifetime, which is the drip function. Simply add the number of days after a sign up that you would like this campaign to send along with any other criteria you want subscribers to have to meet. That’s right, this email automation is made even better by pairing with FanBridge’s Intelligent Targeting.

Lifetime Targeting

This will run every day, so once you set it up, we do the rest of the work.

How to use it

When used properly, this tool is an excellent way to build incremental engagement early with new fans. Now, no matter when someone signs up, you can keep them engaged past the initial confirmation email.
And you as a sender stand to benefit.

  1. Email clients feel more confident in sending mail from you to inboxes where there has been previous engagement. Use Drips to improve your deliverability.
  2. Email subscribers that are opening emails and clicking on links are taking actions that contribute to FanRankTM. Use Drips to keep your FanRanking current and accurate.
  3. New subscribers aren’t putting in their geographic info? We’ll automatically update fans with no geo on file with the location the subscriber opens the email or clicks on a link. Use Drips to fill in missing geographic data.
  4. If you haven’t sent an email campaign in a while, the email addresses you’ve acquired may have become invalid since your last send out. You can use Drips for new fans as well as Undefined Fans that have been on your list to clean out inactive or invalid addresses. Use Drips to keep your database current with valid email addresses.


Get started with Email Drip Campaigns now

Team FanBridge

2016 emmys social (5)

Did you catch Last Sunday’s star-studded ceremony for this year’s Emmy awards? ICYMI, we’ve got you covered! We tracked this year’s nominees for Best Drama and Best Comedy on Twitter and Facebook from nominee announcements to the day after the ceremony. And we noticed some pretty interesting trends:


There’s Always Room to Grow

Despite establishing a large following before nomination announcements, some big shows wasted no opportunity to build up hype in the weeks leading up to the Emmys. For example, during this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Game of Thrones used a few hashtags to keep fans discussing the show on social media.


They also came up with a fun scavenger hunt game where fans could win a GoT themed prize pack!


Game of Thrones made great efforts to incentivize social engagement with fans and showed that they really pay attention to their fanbase, gaining themselves over 57,000 followers within a week. It never hurts to give your fans some incentive for their support!


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Facebook > Twitter

Fans of hit shows tend to flock to their favorite series page on Facebook compared to Twitter. When engaging your fans, you can always provide them the best of both worlds by including a Social Digest in your campaigns. This way, fans are sure to not miss a thing.


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More Recognition? More Growth.

Once nomination announcement hype died down, social media interest followed suit. But during and after the ceremony, award winners saw a spike in follower growth. HBO’s hit comedy Veep received over 1,700 followers on Facebook and Twitter combined overnight following their two victories for Best Comedy and Best Lead Actress in a Comedy.


Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 2.06.21 PM

While Netflix series Master of None gained around 1,500 followers following their win for Best Comedy Writing.


Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 2.07.07 PM


High-exposure events are the perfect opportunity to capitalize and gain followers/subscribers. If you’ve got a big event coming up, take time to let your fans know!


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It’s been an interesting year for television and it truly showed in this year’s nominees and winners. We’ve seen upsets (better luck next time, Silicon Valley), underdogs and some much-deserved recognition for our favorite shows and performers. Congratulations to this year’s winners!


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