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Happy Holidays! Music’s in the air, gifts are on the shelves, and decorations are everywhere. ‘Tis the season of giving and therefore, BUYING. Since email has the highest engagement rate of any digital channel, email is KING when it comes to online sales. Get your offers out to your fans and make it quick and easy for them to purchase your content. Make this your best season yet by getting on top of your email marketing game. However, we know it can be tough to design a truly great email so here’s our gift to you: 10 tools for you to make your holiday emails even better this year.


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1. FanBridge Template tool:

It’s never easy to start anything from scratch. That’s why FanBridge has its super easy-to-use template tool. Choose a layout, enter your info, and change around colors, fonts, and formats to make it look unique. Seriously, it’s so easy. We know the holidays are a crazy time and that’s why we made it so you can send out a campaign in 5 minutes and won’t have to go crazy stressing about it. Unless you love the holidays and want to go crazy, then you do you.


Start your next campaign!


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.30.55 AM.png


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2. Canva:


You have no new pictures and you’re about to send out the same old email… Don’t do it! There’s a way to make awesome headers, banners, and social post pictures for emails without getting all complicated in photoshop. is a totally free, easy-to-use platform that allows you to create an image thats all your own. Use an old picture and throw on some santa hats, or use one of their backgrounds and create an awesome “Seasons Greetings” banner. Whatever it is, it will spice up your emails to get all your fans into the holiday spirit.


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.14.36 PM.png




Same problem, different solution, but it’s tough to just google “holiday picture” without running into copyright issues. Problem solved. Stock photos are high quality images available for download at the click of a button. Even better, You can get a stock photo of pretty much anything your holiday heart desires. Download an image from istockphoto and place it at the top of your email to automatically draw in your fan.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.11.52 AM


4. FanBridge “Call to Action” button:


Although it’s great just to send out information to your fans, isn’t the point to get them to engage with your content? We find this tool to be one of the most important to incorporate into an email. Call to action buttons at the bottom of your page allow the fan a quick and simple way to interact with the email. Whether this be to sign up, buy, or even just share, the fan is much more likely to carry out the action if it is only one step. So don’t forget to put these on every email!





5. Fanbridge Free Giveaway:


Tis the season of giving and your fans will be expecting it! Make your email stand out from the inbox, with a free download or exclusive content. Under the Applications tab on your FanBridge home page, we make it super easy to add a fan incentive of some kind. Simply upload the file to the Free Giveaway tab, or add it as a module in the Email template. However you add it, your fans will be so happy to get a downloadable holiday gift from their favorite brand!


[FREE DOWNLOAD] FanBridge Free Giveaways PDF


6. Shopify Ecommerce:


So you want to sell your digital content and merchandise but you don’t want to code a whole new website. Thankfully, the wonderful people of the web have designed a web platform from which you can sell your material. allows you to upload your digital content and images of physical merch into an awesome looking online store. With Black Friday just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to get your content up into the virtual world for all to purchase.  Of course, be sure to add your Shopify link to your email campaign after that!


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.12.08 PM.png


7. Share this link


Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools. So we suggest getting the word out by making social media shares easier than ever on your emails. Share Link Generator is just one of many sites that allow you to add a share button onto your email format. Whatever kind of content you are sending out to your fans, make sure they pass it on. Just like call to action buttons, your fans are much more likely to share content if it only involves one quick step.




8. FanRank Targeting


To make your emails more successful than ever this season, send them to the right people. Our FanRank tool makes this easy by automatically sorting your fans to see who’s engaged and who’s not. Sure it’s nice to send everyone in your Fan list a free download, but isn’t it much more meaningful if just your superfans got it? Send a truly awesome gift out the the people who support you the most so they know they are being appreciated. They will be even more involved next time when you’re looking for monetary or emotional support.


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9. FanBridge Geographic targeting


One of the great things about FanBridge’s Targeting tool is you can send your emails to a specific location. By using geographic Targeting, you can send an update on a show to the people just near that city. Design your email to target one location and it will be much more personal for the fans. In turn, they will be more likely to give back!




Just Because :)


10. JibJab


Emails don’t always have to be serious. It’s the season of happiness after all! Treat your fans as friends and send them something just because. JibJab was all over social media this year and it’s a hilarious and fun way to show your fans that you’re not all business. Throw in the faces of your team and send your fans funny holiday videos that only they got to see!


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.10.26 PM.png

Team FanBridge


The ‘C’ word.  It’s all over the internet.  You can’t escape it; you can’t even go online without seeing one of them.  We’ve even indulged in it, and so have you.  Alright, alright, we’ll just say it: content.  *cringes*


What a buzz word, huh?  Everyone is a content creator now.  Whether you’re a YouTuber, musician, comedian, blogger, Viner (Vine star? What’s the proper term?), etc., you’re a content creator.  At least, that’s what people call you.  That’s what we call you sometimes.


We have a love/hate relationship with that term.  We love our clients, and we love what you make and how it connects you to your fans.  We love making tools to help you share your content with your fans.  And we want to help all of you *ahem* content creators reach and engage with your fans.


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We also love your art, and we hate that the word “content” would diminish your life’s work and your passions down to a measly ‘piece of content’ that someone will consume on a Facebook News Feed in about ten seconds.


The truth of it is, it’s just the best word to talk about what you do.  A musician that makes audio tracks on SoundCloud and Spotify might also have a YouTube presence and an Instagram following.  A YouTuber might also have a podcast on SoundCloud and a popular blog.  All of this is under the umbrella of ‘content,’ and you’re a smart marketer who knows the importance of being on all of these channels and cross-promoting.


We’re here to help you share your work with your biggest fans, which is why we’ve developed tools like our integrations with YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify so you can spend more time making quality content and less time marketing it.


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Use these tools to share different types of content with your audience through your emails, and track the click through rates to learn what your fans would like to see from you (i.e. include both a link to your Spotify track and a link to your vlog on YouTube, and use the campaign analytics in FanBridge to see if your fans are interested in your side project).  You can learn a lot about what works best for you and your fans by being active, sharing different types of content, and paying attention to your fans’ actions.


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Everyone posts things online; that’s nothing new.  What is new is the ability to create and explore so many different types of content.  Your audience is more reachable than ever, and you are more discoverable than ever.  We may not love the word, but what it does for your fans and your business is pretty incredible.

Team FanBridge

As a network that was created for its viewers, Black On Purpose TV knows the value of its fans. BOP TV is a network that works to fill the need for more African-American TV Programs currently on air. Their fans are the foundation of the program and BOP does everything they can to make that known! From open auditions for new TV shows to fan submissions of ideas and projects, this network makes the fan relationships a large part of their project.


Previous Featured FanBridger: Q&A with Hollis Brown


To bring the program even closer to its viewers, BOP TV is now available on Roku! We’re so excited for this huge step in getting their network even more exposure throughout the world. We chose BOP as our featured FanBridger because they truly care for their most supportive fans.  Each dedicated follower received this email to let them know how their support really makes a difference:

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Clearly the fans come first when it comes to this network and with this new mode of media, we can tell the relationship will only grow stronger over time. We look forward to seeing Black on Purpose TV on Roku!


Sign up for their email list to get the latest updates and become a BOP TV fan! 


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