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Here at FanBridge, we try to give you a lot of extra information.  What to post on social media, what to write in emails, when to send email campaigns, when to publish YouTube videos, the best ways to get your fans engaged, etc., but we don’t often talk about what NOT to do.  So, without further ado, here are seven way to get unfollowed REAL FAST.


What is a subtweet?  Basically talking about something without revealing who or what you’re talking about.  A lot of people use it to vent about a relationship or an uncomfortable situation.  It’s viewed as a very passive-aggressive move, and other followers are generally annoyed by this.  Why?  Because they don’t understand what you’re talking about or why you’re bothering your followers with this useless information.  Let’s solve our personal problems offline from now on, okay?


Political Posts

Feel free to use your influence and talk about important issues, but know where to draw the line.  Try not to post too much, and try to stick to the facts.





What happens when you insult someone for no reason?  It comes right back to you. #karma



Disproportionate Promotion

Stick to the 70/20/10 rule most of the time.  If you’re promoting something really big, you can adjust those a little bit.  Just make sure you’re using social media to be social, rather than just hurling promotion after promotion at your followers—they’ll start to resent you for it. *ahem* Nash Grier…




Low Quality

I mean, what even is this?  #Unfollow #WasteOfTime


Inappropriate Hashtags

Don’t jump on a trend just to get attention – make sure you understand what it’s about first.  We don’t need any more DiGiorno incidents…

Hieu Trong DiGiorno

A Gross Photo of Your Broken Toe for #TBT (2) (1)

Just, no, Aidy.  No…  #barf



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