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If you create a Channel Pages profile and nobody sees it, did you create the profile at all? Of course you did, but you could be maximizing the benefits of being listed on Channel Pages by making sure you can easily be found. For those great places to be seen, think about the places that sponsors and other YouTube channels would be looking for your contact information. A great place to start is our top five places to put your Channel Pages profile URL.

1. Video Descriptions

The description of your YouTube video is a great place to put in enticing keywords to boost your videos’ SEO – making it easier to find. So now that your video is showing up when people search for it, putting your Channel Pages URL makes you easy to find as well.


You can easily import these links into the description of all your videos by updating your profile preferences. Simply login to your Channel Pages profile and then go to the preferences page. When you select the “Yes, automatically add this text to the end of my existing video descriptions”, we will add your URL at the end of all your video descriptions, making easy for potential sponsors or collaborators to reach out to you.

2. About on YouTube

Now that your Channel Pages URL is in the description of all videos, don’t forget to include it in your channel itself: the hub for all the videos you upload. This is the prime location for the person who wants to dig deep and consume a lot of your videos. Be sure your business and collaboration contact is in this place as well.

Listing your profile to the About section on your YouTube channel is just as easy as adding it to our video descriptions. Go to the same place in your Channel Pages profile and check the “Yes, automatically add this text to the end of the ‘About’ section of my channel” option.


3. Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter/Personal Website

More than likely, you exist in places outside of YouTube. And these properties are places that people might be looking to reach out to you. In any of the places you list either your business contact email or ways to contact you, you can use your Channel Pages URL. This way, your business email address is not made public.

Where are these places? You can include them in your Facebook and Twitter “About Me” section, replacing your business inquiry email address in your “Contact Me” on your Tumblr or personal website, and anywhere else you can think of to list it – like in your email signatures.

Facebook Contact Us

4. Social Network Post

Now that you are listed everywhere, take a more dynamic approach and announce your profile to your existing audience via your social networks. This could be a call to collaborate as a Facebook/Twitter post, a YouTube bulletin, or any other network you use. Now, you are entering the newsfeed and getting your profile in front of those with whom you are connected.


5. Email Newsletters/Campaigns

sandp_email_fullIt’s no surprise that we think including your Channel Pages profile in your email campaigns is a great way to increase the number of sponsorship and collaboration requests. Seeing as email is still the king in getting views to your content, there’s no better place for it. Include it as a link along with your other social networks or give a call out to it in specific – chances are, your ideal collaborator is also a fan of yours.

email details

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