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We’re always talking about how GIFs can help improve emails. And our integration with Giphy has made it easier to add GIFs to a campaign than ever before. But sometimes finding the perfect gif can be a challenge. So we came up with a helpful guide for figuring out the best gif for your campaign.


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Let’s say you forgot a tour stop or left out a pre-sale link in a campaign. Don’t panic, accidents happen to the best of us. Since nobody’s perfect, take things in stride and resend your campaign with a funny gif that lightens the situation! It’s better than just sweeping the issue under the rug and fans will appreciate the sincerity.


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Looking to make a big announcement and want to stir some anticipation? Help share your excitement with fans by using a high-energy gif in your campaign! Try getting your audience pumped for your next release, tour or merch line with visuals that’ll have them on the edge of their seats!




Your fans are important. They enjoy your music, attend your events and crowdfund your projects. Show them some love in your next campaign or confirmation email for your list with a cute “thank you” gif! Next time you send out an end-of-tour email or announce the end of a successful Kickstarter campaign, let your fans know just how much they’re appreciated.

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Making a time-sensitive announcement? Sound the alarms! If you’re looking to sell leftover tickets for tonight’s show or you’re reaching the end of a promotional sale, let fans know the clock is ticking with visuals that create a sense of urgency.


Do you have a go-to GIF for your campaigns? Let us know in the comments!



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