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We’ve covered ways to collect fans and build your audience before. But once you’ve gained all those fans, what’s next? Make connections! Reach out to these fans to establish a bond and ensure the support of your fanbase. We’ve come up with a few strategies to help strengthen your relationship with fans through email!


Email Performance

It takes some fine tuning to find out what content works perfectly for your audience. But there’s always universal best practices you can exercise to ensure deliverability and professionalism in your campaigns. You can keep open/click-through rates high by crafting effective subject lines to keep fans interested in your content and using call-to-action buttons to draw strong attention to the main focus of your emails. And be sure to keep your list clean to protect your sender reputation. Create a “cleanup” campaign that asks fans if they wish to opt out of your list and/or to update their info via your Fan Action Page. This helps avoid inactive fans to keep open/click-through rates high and helps sort through any invalid contacts before sending an important campaign.


Sending Times

It may be challenging to truly connect with fans when they’re being bombarded with emails. While constant communication is encouraged, give your subscribers some breathing room now and then to avoid campaign burnout. Try setting up a calendar to plan when to send campaigns. Schedule to send around times where you anticipate high volume sending for optimal results. Planning ahead can save you time, energy and stress in the future and can help you work out any issues with your campaign long before you prepare to send.


Social Media Connections

A strong, engaged social audience is crucial, but it can be a bit of a challenge to combine the power of email with your social efforts to build your audience. With FanBridge, there’s a number of tools available that seamlessly merge the worlds of social and email marketing. Besides adding social links to your campaigns, draw more attention to your social pages in your emails. Give fans a glimpse of your social content with the Social Digest tool and encourage them to follow your social accounts.

While it can take a bit of work, making an effort to build a strong connection with fans can really benefit in the long-term. Take some time out to establish a relationship now so when your next tour rolls around, you could have fans lined up out the door!

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