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There’s no better time to improve your mailing list than right now. So we’ve come up with a few suggestions for what/how to collect from email subscribers. These tricks are sure to help increase the number of engaged fans on your list.

Collect Geographic Info

Geographic info (postal code, city/state) is a simple key to precisely target fans while adding a more personalized touch to your marketing. Add a required field to your signup form so fans can easily provide this info upon joining your list. Include clear messaging (“find out about shows in your area”) so fans understand why you want to know this info and motivate them to provide it. If you’re looking to update info for fans that joined already, send a campaign to request geographic info.

Collect Fans on Facebook

It’s no mystery that Facebook is an incredibly valuable tool for digital marketers. What could be better than to tap into that opportunity and provide a direct link to your mailing list? Add a signup to your page to easily convert fans from Facebook likes to email subscribers. Get started with our video tutorial on setting up your Facebook signup form here.

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Collect Questions

We’ve mentioned before that fans who ask questions through FanBridge are much more likely to join your mailing list. Making it the most efficient way to get fans to join. Leave things open-ended for fans to ask questions at any time or set up a limited time AMA to add a sense of urgency. Allowing your fans to ask questions provides an easier and more direct connection with fans than through Twitter or Facebook. And you can always turn this on or off at anytime, making question management a breeze.


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There’s no time like now to start boosting your subscriber base. Growing your list now provides an opportunity to connect with fans later in the future before any new releases or events you have planned. By the time you’re ready to make moves, you’ve got a strong audience there to support you. But no two audiences are alike. Don’t be afraid to get creative and find interesting ways these tips can cater to your fans!


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