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Leon Bridges Coming Home


Soulful crooner Leon Bridges’ debut album “Coming Home” has made a splash in the media upon its release.  Bridges has a style that simply can’t go unnoticed, and we’re so excited about his fresh, yet classic sound.  What excites us even more is that in the midst of the most exciting time in his career, Bridges continues to be highly engaged with his fans.


We’ve mentioned before that a conversation is one of the best ways to engage with your audience, and that’s why we had to highlight Leon Bridges.  He understands the power of a reply, even with (presumably little) down time, with warm thank you notes sent to his email subscribers as well as replying to fans tweeting his support.





From fellow artists to fans who just can’t get enough, Bridges appreciates all of his supporters and acknowledges them whenever possible.  Always remember that the power of one engaged fan is a lot more than you think.  While it’s important to reach the masses, it’s also important to acknowledge the individual and thank them for their time and support with some of your time in exchange.  A simple “thank you” goes a long way.


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Check out Leon Bridges’ performance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:



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Email engagement rate

The success of an email campaign is largely determined by the open rate and click-through rate, or in other words, the audience’s engagement with your newsletter.  It’s important to track these metrics and find ways to continuously increase engagement.

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We know that newsletters are naturally a highly engaging medium, but there are some strategies you can employ to further that engagement rate as well.  Try thinking about some of these newsletter elements the next time you build a campaign:

Subject Line

Before you even get to the content of the newsletter, you first need to get the recipient to open the newsletter!

Tip: Use the Subject Optimizer in FanBridge to A/B test your subject lines.  This way, you can figure out what your audience responds to best.


Make sure the content in your newsletter is curated with purpose.  Too many or too few pieces of content can hurt your engagement rate and cause the subscriber to lose interest.

Tip: Set a goal for an action you want subscribers to take from this newsletter.  Perhaps you want them to purchase your album or pledge to your crowdfunding campaign.   Highlight that action in your campaign.  Add just a few other secondary actions for your subscribers to take, like linking to your most recent blog post or YouTube video, to further increase your engagement rate.

Design Elements

Of course, the design is a key factor in an engaging newsletter.  In order to get more click throughs on your links, consider some other design options instead of just hyperlinking your text.  Especially with more and more people checking their email on mobile devices, it’s a good idea to account for a bigger clickable target than some small paragraph text.

Tip:  Add an image or a call to action button to make the link stand out among the text.  It will be sure to draw more eyes.

Check out these examples:



Visual Cues

If you’re a content creator, even an audio piece can be made visually appealing and invite more clicks from your audience.

Tip: Use the FanBridge Template Tool’s SoundCloud and YouTube integrations to add content to your newsletter in a way that will be sure to get more clicks.  The play button element alone in these integrations is a visual cue to the reader which implies that they should take an action.

Check out the examples below:

Nate Ruess YouTube


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A well-targeted campaign can drastically impact your engagement rate. Think about whether all of your subscribers will be interested in your message.  If not, how can you narrow it down to only fans that will want this message in their inbox?

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Tip: Send to only your most engaged subscribers that have interacted with previous email campaigns by targeting Super Fans and Casual Fans.  If you’re promoting an event, think about only sending that campaign to subscribers that live in the surrounding areas using the FanBridge Intelligent Targeting.

Start building your next engaging email campaign!

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Team FanBridge

social media engagement


We’ve defined engagement and found some benchmarks to aim for, but how exactly do you engage with your audience on social media?  There’s no hard and fast rules, but here are a few good ideas you should stick with if you’re looking to build a good relationship with your social media followers:


Be present


The less active you are on social media, the less active your fans will be, too.  If they can come to expect new posts from you (even just on one platform), they’ll keep an eye out.  No need to bombard them, just don’t forget they exist either.  Check in every once in awhile, and share something with your fans.  They’ve given you so much of their time; you can give this back to them.


Post content that your fans will find interesting


You don’t always have to post promotional things or updates about yourself.  There’s a whole wide world of other content out there that you can share with your fans.  Figure out what else they’re interested in, or just share other things that interest you; whether it’s a funny GIF or something from the news or your favorite TV show, I bet your fans can relate, and that bond will grow stronger.


[Pro Tip: add images to your posts to gain more visibility.  Not only does it take up more space in the news feed, but it is also a quick attention-grabber]


Ask Questions (or get them to ask YOU a question)


Not sure what your fans are into?  Maybe you should ask them!  Getting to know even one fan a little better through social media can help.  Better yet, get your fans to ask you questions, and answer a bunch.  This is an excellent way to boost that engagement!


Call to Action


Engagement, of course, is all about getting that fan to take an action.  So, ask them to take an action!  Simply asking your fans to buy your product or sign up for your mailing list, while it seems overly promotional, works in moderation!


All you have to do is ask, right?  Set up an auto-recurring social post to prompt your social followers to sign up for your mailing list here.


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