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Creating and sending an email campaign isn’t an easy, one-step process.  There are a lot of little details that can be easily overlooked, and one little mistake could ruin your campaign effort!  Here’s a checklist (with more detailed explanations below) to make sure you don’t forget those minor details.  They make a big difference!




Make sure you have one main call to action for your subscribers to take



Make sure you have a good reason for sending your newsletter.  Ask yourself what action you would really like your subscribers to take after reading your email, and write your message to reflect that.  A great idea is to use a call to action button to draw attention to wherever you would like the reader to go.


Send a test email



Make sure your emails looks and reads exactly the way you want.  The best way to do this is to send a test email.  Check the design and re-read your message.  Also, check out how your email looks on a mobile device.  Use the template tool to make the email automatically mobile-optimized.


Check that all of your links go to the right place



It’s really easy to copy and paste the wrong link!  Make sure you click through to each link in your email to be sure it goes exactly where you intended.


Edit your plain text backup to match your newsletter



Double-check your plain text email, and edit it as needed.  This plain text email won’t go to the majority of your subscribers, but there will be a few that will have disabled html for their security.


Fill in a subject line that matches your content



Make sure you fill in a subject line before you send!  Nothing hurts your campaign more than forgetting this crucial step.  Set up an A/B subject line test for even better results and insights.


Select the right sender email address



You can always add a new sender address in case you signed up with an email address that you don’t want to send from.  Once you verify the email address as a sender, it will appear as an option in the drop down menu.


Schedule and target your newsletter



Putting some thought into who will receive your newsletter and when they should get it can improve not only your initial messaging, but also the campaign results and engagement from your audience.


Announce your campaign on social networks



This is a quick way to grab a few more email addresses even after you send a campaign, plus you can keep your social followers in the loop as well!


Check the CAN-SPAM box


Just verify that you’re sending a legal email campaign to subscribers that have opted in to your mailing list.  Please and thank you!


Create your next email campaign

Team FanBridge



The Global Settings in your FanBridge account are a great way not only to establish your branding throughout your email marketing, but also to save you time on the basic design elements of all of your emails!  Set it up once, and you never have to deal with it again!  From your banner image to typefaces and colors that match your style, the Global Settings will make it a breeze to get the design out of the way so you can spend more time focusing on your messaging and content.


Not only do these settings appear every time you start a new blank campaign in the Template Tool, they also appear in all of your automated emails.  This means that your subscribers are getting familiar with your brand as soon as they receive their confirmation email!  This also includes Fan Question answered emails, event reminders, and birthday emails.



Watch the video below to learn how to set your global settings, but first, here’s a few design tips:

    • Your banner image is a great way to build your brand image and consistency with subscribers.  Make it clean and recognizable, and make sure it’s around 600px wide.


    •  Stick to a maximum of about 3-4 colors throughout your email campaign.  This keeps a cohesive style throughout the campaign, and it doesn’t distract the reader too much.


    •  Make sure you choose a font type and color that is easily read.  Bright yellow font on a white background, for example, does not work so well.



    Customize your global settings!

    Team FanBridge

    FanBridge Walkthrough


    Learning a new platform like FanBridge can be a daunting task.  Email marketing is a big undertaking, and it’s important to know all of the features at your disposal so that you can do it effectively.  FanBridge offers a lot of tools, widgets and optimizations to help you best manage these marketing efforts, but we know it comes with a learning curve.  Learn how to take full advantage of your email marketing with our full account walkthrough.  We separated each walkthrough video by tab, so you can learn each aspect of your account thoroughly.


    Fans Tab

    The Fans tab is where you’ll go for your email list management.  Learn where to import contacts, manage and segment your lists, and view stats on your database.


    Campaigns Tab

    The campaigns tab is where you’ll create new email newsletters, manage email and social campaigns, see analytics, and manage auto emails.


    Applications Tab

    The Applications tab is where you’ll find all the extra features within FanBridge to help you manage your email marketing efforts and take them to the next level.  This includes doing a free giveaway, connecting your social media accounts, managing your event calendar, and so much more!


    Widgets Tab

    The Widgets tab is where you can take the powers of FanBridge elsewhere online.  Add a signup form to your website or a questions widget to your blog to get your fans engaged everywhere!


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