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api FanBridge API - Connection Scheme

After your application is built, you are ready to link it with the FanBridge API platform.
It works this way:
  • Request Access: Using your application key (which is assigned after your app is approved), the client application requests access by redirecting the browser to the FanBridge API login screen.
  • Login: The user logs in to the site with his/her FanBridge credentials (username + password), then FanBridge redirects to the callback URL you've provided, along with a "secret" key.
  • Request Token: The client application requests an access token by sending the "secret" key to the FanBridge API server.
Finally, the server returns a valid access token that allows the client application access the user info from the FanBridge site.

You can see the flow in the following scheme:
API Connection Scheme
Connection scheme for FanBridge API platform.