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    Facebook has become a massive source of new revenue for many bands, brands, and businesses. With our Facebook Fan Page Creator, you’ll have everything you need to start monetizing valuable fan actions on your Fan Page.

    Banner Images

    Add banners to your page and link to your merch store, places to buy tickets for upcoming events, iTunes, and more.


    Use our powerful analytics to learn about fan purchasing behavior on your Fan Page and optimize the way you do business on Facebook.

    Super Audio Player

    The brand new Super Audio Player not only looks great, but it’s also designed to help you sell more music. Feature tracks, add buy links, and more.


    Adding a video to your Fan Page is a great opportunity to drive sales. Announce new merch, hype your new record, talk about a fundraising campaign, etc.


    With the Events Module, your fans will not only know about all of your upcoming engagements, but they’ll also have direct links to purchase tickets and tell their friends about it.

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