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    As the largest social network on the planet, Facebook is one of the best places to engage with your fans. With the FanBridge Facebook Fan Page Creator, build a great-looking page in minutes with content that will keep your fans coming back.

    Audio, video, images, events, more

    Bring your page to life with your best media content and make it easy for fans to share with their friends. It’s never been so easy to look so good!


    Start the conversation with your fans and keep it going with the Comments module. One of the easiest and best ways to keep them engaged.

    Super Audio Player

    Sync it with your SoundCloud account to pull cover art and tracks, feature specific songs or albums, and draw attention to new releases, fan-only demos, or Facebook exclusives.


    With our powerful analytics, you’ll learn valuable insight into your fans’ behavior and how to best interact with them. All fan bases are different so take the time to learn about yours!

    Advanced Fan Banner

    Not all fans are the same, so you have to engage with them differently. Maximize valuable fan actions on your page by automatically displaying different banners to fans and non-fans.


    Fans are much more likely to give you their email addresses (and stay engaged) if you give them something in return. Offer them anything from a song, video, picture, ticket voucher and more – it’s entirely up to you.


    Make sure your fans know about all of your upcoming events, shows, games, etc. well in advance. Link to additional info, places to buy tickets, and more.

    Share banner/message

    For many people, Facebook is a portal to discover what their friends like. Make it easy for fans to share the right message about you with the Share banner and customizable message settings.

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