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If you have a YouTube channel, you have access to important analytics for all of your videos. These analytics can give you valuable insight into how your fans are consuming your video content. They can also be used to gauge the effectiveness or your email and social media strategy for your YouTube channel.

youtube analytics

You can find your Analytics by going to your YouTube channel and clicking the “Analytics” button at the top. The default page will show your channel’s overall performance over the last 30 days. Your analytics will be broken into five categories:



These are the basics: how many views and subscribers have you gotten?



These are metrics on how viewers are interacting with your videos after watching. You’ll find all the data on Likes/Dislikes, Comments, Shares, and Favorites in this section.


Top 10 videos

This ranks your videos by views over the last 30 days.



See which countries and gender with which your content is most popular.



How are viewers consuming your content? This section breaks down devices used, percentage of embedded views, and top traffic sources.


youtube analytics reports


The sidebar of the Analytics page further breaks down your channel data into “Views reports” and “Engagement reports.”

Views Reports

Views reports will reflect a lot of what is shared in the overview, only with more detail. One of the most insightful metrics can be found here, though. Click Traffic Sources to see where your videos are getting viewed the most.

youtube traffic sources

This data can help you analyze fan behaviors and gauge the success of your video marketing methods. In the example above, you can see that the overwhelming amount of video views comes from “Embedded Player (Unknown Sources).” This means that fans are viewing the video as an embed on other websites. YouTube doesn’t track this information as overall data. However, going to Playback locations on the sidebar can show specific sources for individual videos.

You can also view some specific video referral locations by isolating views referred from outside YouTube. After selecting “View referrals from outside YouTube,” click on External Sources to expand details and see which websites are bringing your videos the most views. Similarly, viewing referrals from within YouTube will show which of your own videos are driving traffic to others. In other words, which videos make viewers want to watch even more of your content? Like Playback locations, these metrics only work for individual videos and not for your entire channel.

Want to see if fans are really watching your entire video? The Audience Retention option will provide a chart of watch time by viewer percentage. Play your video and watch the chart scroll through to check for any significant drop-offs in viewership. Not sure if your videos are retaining well? Check a comparison by choosing Relative audience retention. The chart will rank your audience retention against videos of similar length. Here’s an example of a video performing above average.

youtube watch time

Engagement Reports

While Views reports focus on views, Engagement reports center on subscribers, likes, comments, favorites, and shares. Views reports help you measure the initial appeal of your videos and reach of your marketing. Engagement reports can show whether you are building and maintaining an engaged, active fan base.

Each section under Engagement reports shows a different type of viewer behavior. The behavior or action is listed per video, so you can see which videos get you the most subscribers, likes, shares, etc. YouTube will also specify actions that come directly from your channel page or from the recommended channels page. All of the Engagement reports are structured similarly, with the options to view actions by geography and date in addition to top performing videos.

youtube engagement

If you’re using Annotations on your videos, you can track their effectiveness under Engagement reports, as well. This menu will show both click-thru rates and close rates for your Annotation posted after June 10th, 2012.

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